Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The day that FINALLY ended

I felt like my day was never going to end yesterday. Mary ended up going into work for the afternoon. She left, I did some major cleaning in the house and then decided to lay down for a nap. Well, about 15 minutes later, I hear the dogs barking and the garage opening. I'm like, please tell me, it's just Mary coming home sick. Nope, it's Mary, C1, and C2.

Apparently, C1 was acting so bad at quiet time they called Mary to come get him. We had this issue a few months ago and to solve it Mary would have the school call her. She would bring him home and he'd be in his room for the afternoon.

Well, it solved the problem for a little while but like all of C1's bad behaviors, it cycles through yet again. I swear it is never ending with this kid. Why is it so difficult to behave?

Needless to say, Mary worked from home while I watched C2. She brought him home so we wouldn't have to go back for him. C2 is not normally difficult to watch but I was so tired so was kind of ticked off about the situation and the boy would just not leave me alone.

This morning, I talked to C1 about behaving today. About 15 minutes later, he slammed C2 in the head with a toy. Lovely.

Oh well, I am off to the grocery store. Some how we have managed to go through 2 loafs of bread in under a week. If we adopt the boys, we're going to need some stipend to afford food for them as teenagers.


Trace said...

Sounds like those two are handful!!! I hate the supermarket (and getting gas). I tend to put if off for as long as possible. Gotta love those "pantry staples".

You went to that area? I have been looking at websites and don't know if a) we can afford it and b)where to go since the area is HUGE.

Trace said...

Oh, did you do the test?

Candice said...

We LOVED Napa. It's probably my 2nd favorite location in the world (Boston & Paris being tied for #1). We rented a house/cabin in St. Helena which was perfect, right in the middle of everything. Whatever you do, don't stay in the town Napa - it's a pit.

Sonoma can be a more affordable option. We went through it and I wasn't a huge fan but other people I know love it.

And no test, I was going to do 1 this morning but the upstairs bathroom *where the prego tests are* was tied up with the kids so I opted for downstairs. When you gotta pee, you gotta pee. LOL. Now, I guess I'm going to try to hold out until I'm late and hope that my period doesn't f*ck with me. LOL.