Friday, October 12, 2007

Random Thoughts for a Friday

It's already Friday - how did this happen? I'm trying to get a million things done which includes finally making a real switch from summer to winter clothes. I think the random 80 degree days are finally over. Of course, the boys stuff has been done but now I have to actually think about myself. I have the kids stuff organized so much better.

As for the weekend, the only plan is my mom's arrival on Sunday. Yay Mama!!! I haven't seen my mom since she moved to Ohio so it should be fun. She's here 'til next Saturday. Mary leaves for a biz trip first thing on Monday and she gets back Thursday night.

C1 knows that my mom is a total push over and uses no discipline so hopefully he will behave and not take advantage of this. I'm sure he'll be off his rocker with Mary being away. God forbid you change something from his normal routine.

Oh well, at least I'll have my mom here. The plan was originally to put them in respite which of course now I'm thinking, why didn't we? The first time we used respite, they were with a very strange family. We had talked to the woman the week before and since our kids are so unstable had her meet them before we just dropped them off at her house for almost a week.

Anywho, she talked about a previous placement and how her and her daughters had gotten so attached and that she still tries to see them. I thought it must have been so hard and she must've had the placement for a really long time, like a year or so. Nope, about 2 months. It was def a lil' crazy to me. The boys have lived with us for nearly 8 months and as much as I love them, as a foster parent, I know if they went back to their mom or someone else that would be the end of seeing them. You've gotta let go lady! She also had the boys calling her "mom". Umm, we don't even get that sort of respect after all the time and effort we've put into the kids. Maybe a lil' bit of jealousy there but whatever, she was crazy.

O.k., why did I get into this? Oh yeah, when we called for respite, that's where they were gonna go. She also lives over an hour from here so wouldn't have been able to bring them to their apptmts or pre-school so we were going to have to reschedule everything. So we decided against respite and now my mom is coming in to help me.

A major reason I lean towards not adopting them is Mary often takes biz trips and C1 and C2 just aren't manageable by one person for an extended period of time. I have serious anxiety when I know I'm going to be managing them by myself. Mary has scaled down her travel since we got the boys but now she has at least one trip per month for the next 3-4 months.

Oh well, it's raining like CRAZY here. I was waiting for it to settle down so I could head out to the grocery store but it doesn't look like that's happening any time soon.


Trace said...

Very special people form their families through foster adoption. I have "met" a few via the blog world. I'll post their blogs if you're interested. This is Kathy who is in the process of adopting a little girl w/emotional and health problems. Kathy has been struggling and it's interesting to read her journey.

Trace said...

Oops, and Jodi. Like me her husband is infertile and they chose foster adoption because they couldn't afford domestic adoption.

Candice said...

thanks for the links - i'm always interested in other foster blogs. it seems we're all going through similar situations.