Thursday, October 11, 2007

Holding Therapy

We are starting some holding therapy with C1. It's amazing to see the difference in C1 and C2. C2 is extremely loving and cuddly. C1 is NOT. C2 is always asking me to hold him and giving me random hugs. I'll get an occasional amount of affection from C1 but it is rare and most of the time if you ask for a hug, he'll say NO which can be embarrassing.

Last time we had our babysitter here, when I was leaving I asked C2 for a hug & a kiss and he ran up to me with open arms and a big smile. C1 on the other hand screamed "NO!" when I asked him. Luckily, the babysitter is also C1s pre-school teacher so she knows his issues and I've learned to not let it hurt my feelings.

Anywho, holding therapy has been proven helpful in a lot of cases of autism and in our case attachment disorder. Mary was holding him this morning and I had to feel a little bit bad for the kid. He was so visibly uncomfortable. With this, we've also decided to do "time in" instead of "time out". That part, I'm not so sure of but Mary suggested it and I figured it couldn't hurt to try.

We were hesitant in doing the holding therapy since we are still on the adoption fence. But we figure, it's more important for him to have the ability to attach than worrying about him attaching too much to us (if we decide against adopting).

On the TTC front, I think I've decided to push my clomid back just one day and take it days 4-8. That way I can potentially push my ovulation to a week day but not go so much against doctors order of days 3-7. I also came to the conclusion that I really don't want to skip this cycle but if it's unsuccessful I will definitely be heading to a fertility clinic for more monitoring and most likely injectibles.

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