Monday, October 29, 2007


Well, the weekend was kind of a bust and I'm just glad it's over. We did have fun dressing the kids up but the 1st thing we tried to go to was pretty much rained out. I called in the morning and they said the rain wouldn't affect it since it was under tents. Ummm, we got there to find a tiny tent packed with people so opted out. Mary suggested bringing the kids to the mall to run around. I didn't agree but that sort of worked out aside from feeling like weirdos with the kids in costumes.

Then in the afternoon, we went to the major event in town. We *thought* we got there early enough to avoid the crowds - less than 30 minutes after it started. Well, it was packed! Mary hates crowds and after waiting 15 minutes for C1 to go on a bouncy thing, I knew it was also a bust. Of course, C2 was all "I gonna jump" and started freaking out when we tried to put him in it so did not jump. There was some random trick-or-treating which was fun for the kids but also had crazy lines.

I just feel like lately nothing ever goes as planned lately. Mary also had a major freak-out on potty training C1. This has been an on-going process to say the least. C1 is not even close nor does he seem to have any desire, even when his little brother is potty trained. He pee'd so many times in his diaper on Saturday morning even though we had him going to the potty regularly that Mary wanted to not allow him to wear his costume. I threw veto and said, "hell no!". She was not going to ruin my photo ops and accomplish nothing rather than just piss him off and further our potty issues. Anywho, Mary has been the main one in potty training him since she usually does C1s stuff and I do C2s stuff (whom I already potty trained months ago). Now, I am taking over the C1 potty-training. This should be fun since at this point, I'm grossed out at changing the kids diaper so have been avoiding it at all costs. He's a big kid and gets some serious pleasure on having his diaper changed. Ugh.

So we had a long weekend. Then, my hi-lite of the weekend was seeing the Red Sox win the World Series. I even stayed up for the entire game and some of the post show. After going to bed at 12:30 a.m., I thought I would be pretty good for sleep and maybe Mary would get up with the kids. Well, we were woken up to screaming of the ABCs and the boys doing there usual throwing of 5:30 a.m. The usual wake up time is 6:30/7. I seriously thought I was going to kill them.

Then Mary wasn't feeling well so I had to deal with all the morning crap and making the hour round trip to pre-school. I just feel so fed up with them. Maybe because they are not my kids and I see them call some crack head "mama" every week even though I am doing all the work. The amount of work I have to do for them is driving me crazy and I would have never spaced my own kids 10 months apart. It is hell! And it's seriously driving me crazy.

And of course I'm even more high strung being in a 2ww. Which I had thought I was handling well but the weekend came and all of sudden all this anxiety popped up about it.


Trace said...

Oh no, it does sound like a weekend downer. Since the weekend is two days and the other 5 are spent in that place called The Office I am always disappointed when I have a crummy weekend. That totally sucks!!

Are you guys going tricking or treating w/them on Wednesday? Or is one staying home to give out candy. Hopefully that will be more Halloween fun. Are you guys going to dress up your pets? Josie (our dog) has a "I do tricks for treats" T-shirt.

UGH!! Potty training!! Good luck with it! I guess it will be practice for you after you have a baby? There won't be any way to avoid diaper duty then (sigh)....

This is the beginning of week 2 right? Are you going to give in and pee on a stick?

Candice said...

Yes, we'll be trick-or-treating. I think we've decided on the mall since it's warm and easier for younger children. And we can be home in time to hand out candy.

In honor of being a Mainer, Georgia is going to be a lobster. Since she enjoys attacking people, not many people will see her but it will make cute pics. LOL. I couldn't find a costume for Chloe since she's a bit bigger. Cute on Josie's tshirt - where did you find that?

I know, week 2 - aaaaaah! I'm trying to avoid the stick. I thought of pee'ing on one last week to make sure it was negative. Yes, negative, since the trigger shot can give you a false pos. I never did so now I'm just holding out - hopefully until I've missed my period.

Since I had so much success with potty training C2, I think I'll be good to go with my own baby. Unfort, with C1's emotional issues, I don't think he'll be potty-trained 'til he's 5.

Lannette said...

Hey Candice,

I've been reading your blog. I am a fellow New Englander (White Mountains, NH)

I can also relate to how difficult it is to have two children so close together. Well almost so close. My boys are a year and two weeks apart and it was seriously difficult when they were both toddlers. They're both in college now - just so you know that they survived - though there were times.....LOL

At any rate, I didn't want to be reading without introducing myself. I found your blog when I did a search for massage therapy. (I'm in school and hopefully soon to graduate and be licensed.)


Candice said...

Thanks for commenting Lannette. I loved massage school, I hope you are enjoying it!

I'm glad to hear your boys survived their younger days. I am hoping as C1 and C2 get older, they'll become closer but who knows, they have some deep issues with each other.