Tuesday, October 9, 2007

the weekend...it's ALMOST over

In the midst of the severe pain that is my period, I figured I'd blog. I usually dose up on advil for 3-4 days before my period to alleviate some of the upcoming pain. Of course, this can't be done during ttc times. Just another thing that sucks about this entire process. *I know you guys really want to know*

Yet again, I got to deal with the idiotness that is my gyn's office. Last month, I had my pos OPK on day 13. Day 13 falls on a Sunday this time. Since last month's 24 hours after the positive didn't work, I was hoping to have my IUI on the day of the pos. But of course, they are clueless and are all, "you just need to wait for the pos OPK". Ummm, but what if that falls on the weekend??? HELLO?!?!

As predicted, the weekend was pretty lame. Saturday we went to a playground & had a picnic. Sunday we went to the forest. Yesterday was totally lame, the weather was disgusting, wet, and cold so we just stayed in. And today, I brought C2 to therapy and have spent the remainder of the time with a heating pad. Luckily, Mary is being sweet and has been looking after the kids most of the day. We also had more drama with our sewer pump having to re-dig it up again to have it fixed AGAIN. This time it was a rock in the motor. Lovely. Hopefully this doesn't become a weekly thing.

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