Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dig My Grave

I have C2 home with me. He had play therapy this morning and that went well, of course, since he's normal and even C1s play therapy goes well. Can you tell I love the therapist?

I was super hoping to take a nap when he did. I'm SO tired! But of course, my life seems to work against me lately. This morning, we had some random alarm going off. Apparently it's for some septic pump thing. The guy shows up and tries to fix it and then says the pump will need to be dug up. He started digging but of course can't find it.

Mary stopped home to get C1s car seat on her way back from a meeting. So now she is trying to dig up the pump since 2 people digging is better than 1. It seems totally crazy though, just randomly digging especially in our ridiculously rocky soil.

Now she's home doing manual labor and a random guy is here so I can't nap.

Plus, there's so much noise with the tree digging in the neighborhood. We live in a new neighborhood to begin with so there's generally a lot of noise. I was hoping that since 3 new houses just finished that we'd be done with construction for the season. UGH.


Oh well, off to work on my data entry project until C2 wakes up. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

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