Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Big Fish, Little Sea

Just back from a jaunt over to Searsport. Mary's lobster study includes her going out on the water so she has to gear up. She is so crazy. Anywho, we went over to a marine supply store and got some stuff like big crazy boots. I did get a cute hat too. Hey, it's reimbursed so why not.

She was laughing at me because it's such a man's place & I'm like there's cute stuff for a baby boy nursery. I was thinking of doing a boy nursery in a sail boat theme. Anywho, we had a decent seafood lunch after marine supply shopping and then headed back.

Mary is all psyched to be a mini celebrity this week. A paper she recently wrote was covered in a major Maine newspaper and then our local newspaper did a feature story and she had lots of quotes in it. Now I guess she's going to be on some radio show later in the week. So she is pretty excited. At least being in Maine, for Mary has been awesome. She is able to get more recognition on a state level opposed to in Mass she was small time.

I guess I'm going to attend tomorrow's crazy meeting with the great-grandmother's lawyer and guardian ad litem. I brought the boys to school and C1 to therapy before hand. Apparently, Mary had been up with C2 during the night since he woke up with some nightmare (I was in a coma - oops) so I offered to the carting of the kids around this morning.

After C1's therapy, the therapists got into how she had talked to the lawyer for over an hour. As suspected, it's all about the great-grandmother wanting access to the kids. We went through this before so are pretty fed up at this point. It comes down to the boys, and especially for C1, the more visits, the crazier they are especially when they see this great-grandmother. Oy. It never ends!!!

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Trace said...

Back again w/my annoying lengthy comments (work is dull...). MMM, I'm envious of the seafood lunch. When we went to Bar Harbor for vacation one year we vowed to eat lobster every night. Of course we caved by Wednesday and tried other things. We don't really have the same awesome seafood choices.

My husband want a helicopter/airplane theme for a nursery...he keeps saying girls can be pilots too. I keep saying, only if we have a boy.

Ooohh, a celebrity in your midst! I guess you're pretty proud?

Good luck at the meeting for the boys. It doesn't sound easy for you or the little guys.