Tuesday, October 2, 2007

1/2 way there!

So I'm a week through my two week wait. All I can say is, it never gets easier!!!
I am trying not to obsess over every lil' "symptom" since I always do and I'm always not pregnant so then I feel like a crazy person.

I can test next Tuesday though I'm thinking I should wait until I'm a few days late. Of course, knowing my luck, I'll be late and it will be the Clomid messing up my cycle. I usually get my period a day or 2 early when I'm in a tww, I guess my body letting me out of all the anxiety. Once I was a week or so late during a ttc time. I took probably a million pregnancy tests all showing I was NOT pregnant but of course it still made me crazy that my period hadn't showed up.

And if you let internet searches be your pregnancy test, you're sure to be pregnant. So needless to say, I'm avoiding all that. I'm also avoiding soy *mostly*, caffeine, and of course alcohol. I recently heard that soy can prevent implantation which sucks. I am not a soy addict but I drink soy milk and since I'm a mostly vegetarian, I sometimes eat the fake chicken and crap like that. So it's all healthy eating and prenatal vitamins for me.

The only glory in getting a negative is having a soy chai, a glass of wine and going out for sushi :-) *of course not all together - I only drink Sapporo with my sushi* ;-) It has been easier this ttc time with avoiding those things since Mary is doing the same (well except for soft cheese). I think she was mad that I said I didn't think she'd be able to go w/out alcohol and caffeine when she starts trying. But she says she's trying to reduce her stress/anxiety by avoiding alcohol and caffeine. Either way, its nice to not have to be jealous over wine and caffeine.

Of course, these are all VERY SMALL prices to pay for growing a healthy baby but annoying to do when in fact you may not even be pregnant.


Trace said...

I keep thinking things like that too. I noticed last night that we have a wedding in 2 weeks and the first thing I thought was that if I don't drink my friends will definitely notice and ask questions (I tend to be a lush). And the caffeine...I heart coffee.

MaryCandice said...

It also leads people to believe you ARE pregnant when you probably aren't. My mom used this "not drinking" to start rumors of a pregnancy during a previous tww. Oy.