Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Officially Negative

I am officially NOT pregnant. On to next cycle. I now have to deal with my gyn's office again. It looks like if I repeat last cycle's OPK positive day it will be on a Sunday. We were thinking the timing was too late last time so we're hoping to insem on the day of the of the pos. Unfortunately, my ovulation doesn't work on a Mon-Fri schedule so I'm hoping my gyn will be flexible to come in on the weekend.

This sucks. I am bummed that I had such high hopes after my clear HSG test last month, the clomid, and IUI. Aside from being sad about the entire process, I'm now angry I have to deal with this sh*t all over again. F*ck F*ck F*ck. *pardon my language* Since the kids are STILL home, I can do nothing but type swear words.

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