Friday, October 26, 2007


I'm actually looking forward to the weekend. We have a bunch of Halloween stuff planned and then Sunday is both Pats' and Sox. :-) One bonus of having kids in the house is being able to enjoy holidays that revolve around kids like Halloween.

So we will be going 2 different Halloween events tomorrow. Luckily, one is before their nap time and one is after so it works out well. We're also debating doing a hayride at night. Hopefully the weather is going to be good...I should check.

I was telling Mary if I knew we'd be doing so much Halloween stuff, I would've got the kids 2 costumes. I know, I'm crazy but costumes are fun and I know they'll destroy them on Saturday. Also, C1's spider man costume has a mask so I'm not sure he'll be able to stand it the entire time. Though this is a kid who sleeps completely covered in blankets (even his head) during August and wakes up saturated in sweat. He also can't wear his glasses with it on so his eye will be all over the place.

Just a random vent on Halloween costumes for pre-schoolers. There was hardly anything. All the costumes were for babies *such cute stuff*, up to 24 months, or 6 year olds; nothing for in between ages. C2 had to go with the 24 monther so it just barely fits him and C1 is a big kid *tall* for his age so he's wearing a big size which also is barely doable.

On a totally different subject, Mary made her radio debut on a Maine morning show. It was pretty cool to listen to her. She had left super early this morning to get over to the coast (for the lobster stuff) so I was dealing with the kids this morning. I NEVER have the radio on so they were all "what's that noise? that's Mary!" C1 was also adamant that Mary was on a boat and not on the radio. So I'm not sure they understood what was going on but it was pretty funny.


Trace said...

Have fun at the Halloween outings. I am envious. The most we'll do is drink hard cider, carve a pumpking, and give out candy. Do you and Mary have a costume too?

Candice said...

I know, I was so envious of everyone last year since we live in such a family neighborhood with lots of kids.

I just ended up going with the $5 target halloween t-shirt for myself. LOL. I thought of us all being super heroes but I never followed through on getting any adult costumes.