Wednesday, October 17, 2007

a boring post

Mary can't get home soon enough. It's nice having my mom here but there is still so much for me to do. The boys love my mom but they also know she has no authority and doesn't stand her ground. She has been better than she usually is but some things, she's like, "it's o.k.". And I'm like, "no, these are the rules we have". These aren't your ordinary kids where you can be a little bit relaxed about things especially when C1 can be set off so easily.

Oh well. We're hoping to get over to the coast on Friday for lunch. Yesterday, C2 was home and today C1 is home. I figured they could both have a "stay at home day" as they call it with Nana Patty. But then tomorrow they are home except for their 3 hour visit.

Mary doesn't get home until very late tomorrow. Luckily, she'll be here to get up with the kids on Friday. That is probably the hardest thing about having them. I enjoy my sleep and when I wake up, I like it to be a gradual thing. In this house, you have to hit the ground running...taking the dogs out, getting kids up, bringing them to the potty, getting breakfast ready immediately. I barely have time for a morning pee. LOL. And of course I'm dragging a** and the kids are bouncing off the walls.

I also feel like the Clomid made me more irritable this month and gave me weird headaches. Hopefully this will be the last month I take it!

This is all so random and this post is boring. I think I need a RedBull or something.


Trace said...

Life's not always exciting. I think it's sort of nice that you have two foster children in your home who keep you busy. Less time to dwell on trying to get pregnant. I think about it WAY to much whenever my husband has to travel and it's NOT a good thing.

Have a great time going to the coast!! Maine is beautiful and I bet even more so w/the leaves changing.

My husband thinks it's healthy for me to blog. I really think it's that he is sort of relieved I'm not going on and on to him. He doesn't like to hear about babies nearly as much as I want to talk about them.

Candice said...

Yes, it's sort of a double edged sword. They are a distraction but at the same time add a great deal of stress to my life.

I also panic when I think of the possibility of having 3-4 kids within a year if we were to adopt them. I can just imagine us deciding to adopt them & then me being pregnant with twin boys. AAAAAAAAAAH!!! LOL.

And yes, Maine is beautiful this time of year. I keep meaning to post some pics' of the foliage around here.