Monday, October 1, 2007

the continuation of the tree drama

The tree drama continues. This morning, Georgia was barking at someone as usual. I looked out to see a public works worker spray painting MORE stuff in the street about the trees.

This prompted me to email public works. I figured an email was better than me calling and sounding b*tchy. I got a response not too long after telling me it was probably fine to refuse and that when I planted trees to plant them so they lined up with the other trees on the street. I have no problem with that, my problem with the location is more a left to right thing than an up and down thing.

So now I have an email into the forester to see if Magnolias are an approved tree and if not, what is?

They started digging in our neighbors yard (I was surprised they didn't start with the last house). I feel bad since she just paid 10K on landscaping including all new sod for her lawn (this stuff is not easy or cheap to come by in Maine). They have a huge machine digging these tree holes and they ripped some of the sod out. Now they made a huge hole in her yard and there's no tree in sight.

After I saw that, I went out and told them to at least skip us for now and they agreed. Now I have to deal with Mary who's keen on the idea of free trees and better yet free digging. If I can pick the trees and where they're gonna go, I'm all for free.

One thing about buying a house vs. a condo was being able to do our own thing. This is lame.

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