Thursday, October 4, 2007

Peter and Pregnancy

A pretty lame day. The boys had their visit. I'm always ultra-annoyed on these days. Drop off and pick up went fine, the new place is SO much better but bio mom just irritates me. I was doing good until C2 pee'd his pants on the way home. Bio mom really should have him go potty before he gets in the car. At 2, he doesn't have the biggest bladder around.

Besides C2 pee'ing, C1 & C2 argued on the way home about which place they liked better, the "old place" or the "new place" they visit bio mom. They also argued about who's bed "Peter" was going to sleep in during nap time.

As of this morning, C1 has an imaginary friend named "Peter". Peter is a "strong girl". okie dokie. I knew it was only a matter of time before he had an imaginary friend. He kept talking to himself a lot lately and I'd say "what?" and his response would be "I'm talking to myself!". geesh. Anywho, now he has Peter to talk to and me and Mary are relieved that Peter is a "good girl". We were worried he'd come up with an evil imaginary friend that he could blame everything on.

On the tww front, ANXIETY. The am I pregnant or am I not pregnant is finally making me CRAZY. I don't want to do deal with this crap again next cycle. And Mary keeps pressuring me to test even though I'm dead set on waiting until I'm late.

I think she's freaking out about putting another thousand into baby making again next month. She was trying to make light of the financial pressure since we would just try again next month. But then we just had to pay for the sewer repair and we decided to buy my mom a plane ticket so she can visit in a few weeks. Oh well, I will continue to try NOT to obsess.

Off to be busy or something. I wish I could take an advil with a glass of wine.


Trace said...

I don't blame you guys for freaking out. I know I will be (the insem will be occuring very soon...tomorrow or so...). I think you can test after 2 weeks. Ah, the cost. Since we have been in adoption land for so long we've been saving for a while and can use the A. fund to pay for everything, but it's not covered by insurance in PA. If we lived in NJ which is about 15 minutes away it would be, grrr...

MaryCandice said...

I'm dead set on not testing early. Some prego tests claim they can show 4 days before missed period but it's a crap shoot. I'm trying to hold back from calling my doctor for a blood test.

The cost is outrageous, we're just hoping we won't have to move on to IVF where your chances are SO much better but the costs are beyond us right now. Oh well.

Good luck on your insem! Will this be your first?