Thursday, October 18, 2007


We receive this adoptive & foster families newsletter every month. They have random stories and people also put announcements in them.

One announcement struck me because it said "proud fathers". yay!!! I love to see other gay parents in Maine adopting. It looks like they started fostering him when he was 2 months old and now he's finally adopted at age 2.

Too cute! :-)

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Trace said...

I see you added pictures, you guys are too cute!! Happy and in love!

Wow, fostering from 2 months old. I always wonder if there are babies available for fostering to adoption (because I really want an infant), but the thought of falling in love w/a child and having him/her taken away scares me.

Before we began donor insemination, we were working w/an adoption agency for 2 years (still w/them, but we became frustrated, hence DI), and I remember how excited the domestic adoption coordinator and I were when this couple (2 men) had been chosen and adopted a 3 month old! One of the reasons we went w/the agency was they were liberal and had had previousl clients w/MS.