Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rainy Days

Well, it's day 1 of "not obsessing". LOL. The weather went from gorgeous to gross here. It is all overcast and randomly rainy here today. At least I have been spending most of my time resting. I feel particularly tired today - maybe the HcG, maybe the rain.

I also finally started looking for a temp job. I sent an updated resume to a place I tested at last year (before I ended up getting a temp job through the university) so hopefully they can find me something. Otherwise, it gets annoying to start with other agencies since you have to do all sorts of testing and stuff.

I feel like the schedule with the boys is already not going to work out but whatever. The extra money can't hurt and I need to be more busy even if it means working in an office and acting all phoney.

Mary was already mentioning how she's doing some lobster study so on days she's going out to "sample", I'll have to bring the boys to school. Hopefully she hasn't scheduled any of her trips for visit days or therapy days which counts for 3 days of the week. oy.

She had also suggested me finding a regular job but since I'm trying to get pregnant, I think temp is the way to go. Afterall, if I feel really sick when I'm prego I can just quit & not feel bad about it. And I plan on staying at home with a baby (the entire point of moving to Maine) so it's not like I'd be working at a reg office for a long time. So temp it is.

In the boys' news, at court yesterday a trial for TPR was set. That will be at the end of November and apparently I'll receive a subpoena. I wish they could just subpoena Mary, she lives to be all Law & Order like.

Mary also agreed to meet with the guardian ad litem and the great-grandmother's lawyer (but the great-grandmother won't be there - weird). I think that's this Thursday or next Thursday. She said I can go or not go so I will probably not go. I'm so terrible but this entire process makes me feel uncomfortable. The only reason I'd go is to make sure Mary didn't agree to having some sort of relationship with the great-grandmother. I'm sure this is the entire point of the meeting.


Trace said...

I'm cheering your swimmers on!! I know when it's my turn I'll be obsessing too so I'm not going to say anything trite or cliche'd. If one more person tells me God only gives you what you can handle I'll probably smack them.

I work in an office, and it does suck (although pays generously). I don't know about phoney, you seem pretty normal (just a woman who loves her family, and is doing the most selfless thing and fostering two boys).

You moved to Maine so you could be a SAHM? Is it because the cost of living is lower? Did you move from a major metropolitan area? We live in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

We just went over our budget and I think I will have to work part-time. Even if I just work at Borders or something. It is my job to pay our taxes. We live in this awesome school district and an area we love, but our taxes are hefty. One more promotion for my husband and we'll be fine. I am proud to say that he is doing GREAT at his job (he's an engineer for a "fortune 500 company"). I would just blurt, but I always feel funny making his stuff public (like his name, poor guy).

I had never heard of a Guardian ad litem until I read "My Sisters Keeper". I wouldn't want to be supoena'd either. I had to testify in a grand jury trial against the birth mother who scammed us and a bunch of others. It was nerve racking!

It is pretty exciting though!! Doesn't TPR mean that you guys have officially adopted the children? You two will be mommies...all official like.

Candice said...

I just feel like working in an office comes office politics.

Part of the reason I became a massage therapist was to not work in a 9-5 office job ever agian. But there isn't much of a market for massage where we are in Maine and what market there is, is completely saturated.

We lived in downtown Boston before moving to Maine. The entire point of the move was buying a house and being able to afford for me to stay at home. Basically, to start a family.

Once TPR happens, we'll have the opportunity to adopt them. We are still on the fence with that but we're hoping some of their psych issues calm down once they aren't seeing their bio mom and being bounced around all the time. Oy.