Thursday, October 18, 2007

What was to be a visit day

It started off as a chaotic morning. Since the kids don't have their visit 'til 10:30 I usually don't get them dressed until closer to the time we'll be leaving. Well, 9:30 comes, we're still in PJs and the place calls to tell me the visit is not going to happen. Uh-oh.

Luckily, the boys didn't know they were going to have a visit but they were under the impression it was a "stay at home day". Well, I talk to my mom & I'm like, "should we bring them to school?". She says, "oh yeah! definitely". LOL. It seems even she had enough with their fights in the morning.

So I called their schools to let them know they'd be coming in. C1's school was like, "o.k. we'll be leaving for a field trip at 10:15". yikes! So we had to fly over there. Of course every time I say we need to move quick, C1 goes from hyper active to slow motion. UGH.

Then when I went to dropp him off he had a major fit, grabbing on to me leg, screaming and crying "don't leave me". As much as it breaks my heart, I know if I gave into this he would drive me crazy later in the day (afterall, he was home yesterday) and he'd always do this to get his way.

C2 always does a hold on to the leg and shy thing (no screaming and crying) when he first gets to school but I'm more prepared for it since it happens every time. When C1 has a fit, it's usually pretty unexpected.

This only happens to me and not Mary - wtf? I'll be glad when she's bringing them tomorrow, especially since it's about a 25 min car drive over there (near her work but not near our house). Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful that there's childcare but it hasn't exactly made my week easy.

Anywho, me and my mom got to have an enjoyable day. We did some shopping & went to lunch. Apparently Ohio doesn't have any good Chinese food. Not that Maine does but I guess it's closer to what she's used to in Mass.

Now it's already almost time to head back over for the pick up...

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Trace said...

That must be heartbreaking for those two boys and well as you guys. I can't me and my husband are trying so hard to have a baby in any way we can, others can't or won't be the parents their children need.