Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mary's back & Mama's gone

Well, my mom is headed home to Ohio :-( It was a very nice visit - I think the perfect amount of time, just under a week. The drive to the airport in Portland sucked but Mary took the kids out this afternoon so I returned to an empty house :-)

Yesterday, we did end up going over to the coast early in the day. Of course, right after I get on the highway I remembered that I was going to call FedEx to see if they could leave the spermies w/out a signature. Doh!

Anywho, the weather was terrible you can see in these pics.

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(the fog was actually pretty scary for some of the ride)

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(my crazy mom)

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(crazy me)

It was beautiful all week when we didn't have any outdoor plans. We ended up just going to Belfast...the plan was Belfast and Camden but the weather just sucked. It was still fun and I ended up being home in time to sign for the spermies.

And last night, Mary & I took advantage of my mom being here & went out to dinner after we put the kids to bed. I really really really wanted sushi since I'm about to enter a 2ww. Well, I didn't make a reservation since I didn't really know what time we'd get out of the house. There was going to be a 45 minute wait & there's no bar so we said forget it and went to the Thai place. We got a few Thai things and some sushi. Well, the sushi was YUCKY and so was the seaweed salad. Note to self: don't try to get Japanese food from a Thai place. But it was still fun to get out, we also went for yummy drinks at another place afterwards. I was pretty buzzed when I got home & Mary wanted to watch Survivor (that we had DVR'd on Thursday). So silly. I'm like, you wanna watch Survivor now???

Oh well, Mary is going to be home with the chitlins soon. I'm off to eat pizza & watch the Sox. Go Sox!!!

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Trace said...

We went to a wedding yesterday, and I took full advantage of the open bar ;-). Unforunately for my sweetie, I fell asleep right away and he had a similar reaction.