Wednesday, October 10, 2007

*silence* and the usual fertility rant

A lame day but a beautiful one. The kids were finally back at pre-school/day care! Sweet! The *silence* was glorious.

I spent most of the day finishing up the data entry project. Now that I'm pretty much finished with that, we've agreed that I can look for at least a temp job. It will suck for Mary since she'll have to deal with the kids schedule. But the extra money wouldn't hurt and I wouldn't mind talking to people that are above the age of 3. So I will look for one after next week (when Mary's away and my mom's in town).

I also took some time looking into other fertility options around here...or rather, in Maine. The closest stuff is in Portland which is over 2 hours away but I'm willing to make the drive.

My dr isn't really monitoring me at all. She hasn't checked my hormone levels and she's also not doing reg ultrasounds. The norm is to check a few times before insem'ing (to make sure the timing is good) and to check before starting a round of clomid (to make sure there are no cysts which clomid can cause). Hormone levels should also be checked to make sure there is a good balance to achieve pregnancy.

If I decide to use a fertility clinic this time around it would mean skipping a cycle since I doubt I'd be able to get things going within 10 days. Unfortunately, I need to make the decision soon since I definitely don't want to take the clomid if I'm not inseming.

I also debated taking clomid on days 5-9 instead of 3-7. The norm is to take it on 3-7 or 5-9 but my dr suggested 3-7 (and this is what I did last cycle). It would also be nice to push my ovulation a few days out so I wouldn't worry about it falling on a weekend or a Monday when my dr only sees patients up 'til noon. Mary thinks I should run this by the doctor which of course I don't want to because it will be a process of phone tag and the staff being confused. Of course, I'm not a doctor but I feel as far as this insemination process goes I know more than my doctor and definitely more than her incompetent staff. Oh well, it's frustrating.


Trace said...

We're going to a fertility clinic. When we initially began working with them the doctor did all sorts of fertility testing and everything looks good (to quote "perfect", but I think he saw the deer in headlights look on my husband is infertile, not me too!). Anyway, we live in PA and insurance does not cover fertility treatments. The doctor (as of yet) is not checking my hormone levels and doing vaginal ultrasounds to confirm or anything because we will have to pay out of pocket. We decided we'll stick w/self monitoring for the next month or so and then I guess I'll ask about the cost of that sort of monitoring. I have been mulling over self insemination to follow up after the IUI. I've also been thinking about asking if I can do two insemination back to back since I seem to have 2 fertile days (atleast my monitor shows two days w/the egg symbol). Good luck with your decision!!

Oh, yeah, I keep leaving comments (I like your blog). I know my blog link w/my id is our adoption blog...we're taking a break to do DI. I do have a DI blog I just haven't listed it because I didn't want weirdos.

Trace said...

Oh yeah, have you considered having a midwife do the IUI?

Candice said...

yeah, I thought of the midwife option since I've heard of people doing that. I called one when we first moved here and she was pretty confused and I felt like a weirdo so then I found my gyn who was all, "oh yeah, I can do an IUI". Lil' did I know it would be if I can squeeze you in between a packed schedule of paps. oy.

And I bummed about not being monitored because I'm on clomid. Also, my insurance covers 1/2 of most fertility treatments and at this point, I'd rather put a lot of money into one cycle and have it be successful then spread it out over unsucessful cycles.

Anywho, thanks for commenting. I'll def check out the blog - I was wondering because you never mention the AI on your other blog.