Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Eyes and Sewer Pumps

Today I have C1 home. He had play therapy first thing this morning and then an eye apptmt. His eye appointment was about an hour away but only lasted about 15 minutes since it was to check his new glasses. Seemed like kind of a waste.

He has a wandering eye so his glasses help to refocus it. The dr had mentioned to Mary last time that the glasses can eventually fix the eye. I asked him about this and he said, oh yeah, it will probably be fixed when he's 11 or 12. What? I was hoping for like 4. The glasses are adorable but it's definitely not easy keeping glasses on a 3 yr old. He's constantly breaking them. We had hoped he could have a surgery to correct the problem but with his certain eye condition, he can't have surgery to fix it. So unfortunately we're stuck with the glasses.

Afterwards, we stopped at McD's as a special treat. It was ridiculously packed so I was getting some anxiety about C1 playing with the other kids. But he actually did very well and was playing nice. Still bossing kids around but not being rough. And when I was ready to leave, he didn't argue with me about it. *phew*

Our sewer pump saga continued into today. We had a worker here yesterday for hours and then Mary digging too with no success of even finding the pump. The guy thought that maybe one of the boys had flushed a toy car down the toilet which would block up the system. This wouldn't surprise us since a few weeks ago they shoved one up the vaccum.

So today, someone came that had some sort of locator and was able to dig it up. They found baby wipes to be clogging it up. Baby wipes? So weird. We're thinking it still must have been one of the boys since we definitely don't flush wipes. Oh well, at least it's solved.

We had a long night and morning with not being able to use much water or flush the toilets. We ended up going to Pizza Hut (gross) for dinner. I was not impressed. Oh well, C1 is napping and I'm finally allowed to use the shower. Sweet! ;-)

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