Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend Get Away

We had a nice weekend get away. Mary is doing a study that involves going out on the water so she was already going to be on the coast on Friday. The plan was for me and C2 to meet her at the resort. I decided my prime traveling time would be during C2's nap so I ended up rescheduling my midwife appointment. This was definitely the way to go - five minutes into the ride he was sleeping and he woke up about 15 minutes before we arrived which was perrrrrrfect. Seriously, I couldn't have planned it any better :-) We arrived at the resort which was a total madhouse due to a conference which Mary was going to attend some of.

Mary got there a few hours after we did and we headed to dinner. The boys are probably the best behaved children at restaurants. People are usually shocked but in the beginning we left many restaurants because of bad behaviors. We pretty much do this with everything, I have vowed not only to NOT be the parent with the flipping out child in public but NOT be the parent making empty threats like, "we're going to leave here". So they get one warning and then we leave. After that happened a few times at various places, they took us seriously. But anyways, just having one in tow was GREAT and since C2 has also seriously gotten into coloring, there's something to do while waiting for food.

Saturday we woke up to see a pretty major snow storm and our ocean view blocked by fog and snow. Oh, it's March in Maine. Mary did some of the conference stuff, luckily not too much and in between, she gave me a break by taking C2 to the pool. Since it was still pretty nasty out, we decided to stay in the resort for dinner. Unfortunately, with the conference everything was pretty crazy so I opted for room service :-) I'm the "cook" in the house so I definitely enjoy times when I don't have to.

Sunday we went to a cute little bagel place and then had a nice Sunday drive to a lighthouse. I wasn't super impressed with the lighthouse and it was sooooooo windy and cold, we jumped out of the car, took a pic and jumped back into the car.

(pretty but somewhat pathetic lighthouse)

Since the weather was SO cold, we couldn't do much outside of the resort and well, I was starting to freak about everything I was going to have to do today. Mary's mom is coming in tomorrow so I've been trying to get the house in order. I kind of felt like we should just go home instead of staying another night.

I felt bad even suggesting leaving a day early but then Mary was like hell yeah, we won't have to pay the night. LOL. So it all worked out, we headed home and had a lazy afternoon at home. All in all a good weekend and it's nice to be settling in with C2 as our son. :-)

(just outside our room)

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Tracers said...

Aw, what a cute picture. The lighthouse is pretty. Of course I can't get the full weather affect from my warm house.

Good luck w/your MIL. I always dread my in-laws.