Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I know, it's probably very non-Christian of me to hide an Easter egg in the Buddha ;-)

I hope everyone had a good Easter (if you celebrate it). We had a lot of fun, I think Easter is my new favorite holiday. A lot less work than Christmas and I love Spring time and bunnies. Mary didn't like that we're so nonreligious about the holiday but she still had a lot of fun.

It definitely wasn't Spring time here...but I have hope that it will reach us at some point. Friday night we colored eggs and then sat by the fireplace and drank hot chocolate - at least I had found bunny shaped marshmallows to put in it. Ha!

Saturday night we went to our local children's museum for a GLBT families event. We had done something similar around Christmas that was a total bust. But this was fun, Camer was very excited to see the bunny there and we had fun joining in on the egg hunt. There was also a decent turn out and we didn't even care about Mainers being so anti-social since we're moving :-)

Today, we woke up very early with one very excited little boy to find the eggs "the bunny" hid and open our baskets.

I was special and the bunny brought me a bucket ;-)

Later, we went to brunch and our sort of friends J&D (a lesbian couple) met us. We don't have any good friends here but we've hung out with them a couple of times. J is sort of a co-worker of Mary's as in she's also a professor. I thought it might be kind of strange to have them join us on a holiday but whatever, none of us have family here and it was nice to have some adult conversation. Cameron was also pretty good during brunch so we could actually enjoy it. Plus, being a buffet, the kid got food quickly (which is key with a 3 year old). Though buffets are a total waste on me. I figured being pregnant I'd take advantage of it but I think I just get overwhelmed and end up eating less than if I actually ordered a meal.

J&D are fun to hang out with and they're going to start trying to have a baby soon. I find this very strange for one reason - J is not out to her family. Her and D have been together for a ridiculous amount of time. It's wrong to say ridiculous but basically they didn't have any of that "sow their oats" time which I guess isn't necessary for everyone - it was for me! ;-) Anywho, J is slightly closeted in general which I think she needs to get over before having a baby with her partner. I mean, what is she going to tell her mom, D's having a baby and we figure since we live together the baby will call me mom too? Plus, being a gay parent is a huge decision so I think you definitely need to be comfy with your sexuality to make that leap. I don't know, it's just my opinion. Otherwise, I think they'll both make great parents.

Oh, and on a really funny note. The first time we hung out with them, D was telling us her sister is also gay and said, "she lives in Massachusetts...and she's so gay, she's even married." We were like, "ummm, we're married too!". Insert foot in mouth. Anyways, I think having a baby is an even bigger step than legally binding your relationship.


Heidi said...

What a beautiful family!!

Lannette said...

What Heidi said! The three of you (soon to be four) belong together.

Stacey said...

Great picture--your family is beautiful.

I hear ya on having to be out and comfortable with who you are before having a baby. You will be out to EVERYONE once you have a kid. The doctor, the daycare/school, the government, the insurance company, the neighbours, the family, etc. And you should be comfy with being gay so your kids can see that it's okay and completely normal to be a gay family.

And I know of people who have been together for longer than Angele and I and are still not out! I don't get it because it's so hard to live a lie and worry about that stuff. I was relieved when I came out.