Sunday, March 16, 2008

One Week with One Child

So it was our first week without HB. I must say there is just a way better vibe in the house. Just having Cameron is great. He's definitely a little confused about the situation but overall he's been much happier and smiley.

We took him to see Horton Hears a Who yesterday. I've brought him to a few movies and he does rather well. Mary hates that he has such an attention span to cartoons but it definitely comes in handy sometimes. It was definitely nice to be able to all go to the movies, something we've never been able to do. We were also accompanied by the stuffed animal Horton.

Kohl's sells Dr. Seuss books and stuffed animals for the main characters. Not only are they only $5 but the proceeds go to charity. This isn't supposed to be a plug but I love them because, well, I love Dr. Seuss books. A while back I got Yurtle the Turtle for HB and Fox in Sox for Camer. I recently saw Horton Hatches the Egg so I got it for Camer along with the Horton.

He was very excited because well he loves stuffed animals and books. I got him the cutest little elephant while we were in D.C. (we've named it Elephantay) so when he realized Horton was also an elephant, he ran and got Elephantay from his room and yelled, "It is a friend for Elephantay!".

We are still in the process of revamping the house. Lucky for me but unfortunately for Mary, I'm prego so can't do any major lifting. I've been trying to help but Mary has had to be a work horse getting a bunch of crap to the storage unit.

We also made some donations to DHS such as a crib (that we used for Cameron when he first came here), a toddler bed (HB's), and a bunch of toys (we came across a stash of unopened toys, I'm assuming from the surplus of Christmas). Anywho, I had to laugh because the DHS worker was all, "you guys aren't going to take any more little ones?". This was after I told her we were adopting Cameron and that I was due in July. Oh lordie. Of course, our caseworker wouldn't call us back but we got the drop of stuff coordinated by the woman we used for respite placements. Anywho, she's nice and I like her but I wanted to say, we don't want to deal with your incompetent co-workers ever again!

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