Thursday, March 13, 2008

Misc Info for a Thursday :-)

We used to have a rule that when the boys woke up, they had to stay in their beds. This was so they didn't wander the house or fight with each other while we were sleeping. Now that it's just Cameron and in an effort to get him out of wearing diapers at night. We've told him, if he's awake and we're not, it's o.k. to go to the potty and then he go back to his room to play with his toys. Sometimes, the child is awake at 5:00 a.m. and we just don't get up at that time.

Problem is instead of going to the potty he comes into our room at 5:30 a.m. He also leaves the door open - cats come in and the dog leaves. Hopefully we'll get this under wraps soon. This morning, I kind of freaked out to open my eyes and have a little man with large blue eyes staring at me. Aaaaaaah! LOL. Of course, he was all smiley and all, "you're wakin up now".

So today I had my midwife appointment...or rather not. This is my 20 week that I keep rescheduling. Apparently another patient had gone into labor so there was nobody to see me. After about 25 minutes of waiting, I rescheduled. Now, it's next week. Obviously, the entire 20 week appointment will be skipped and I'll just have a 24 week appointment. What a process.

And since I always do a pee test, I asked if I should do one while I was there. Plus, I had drank tons of water so I could actually perform this test. They said, no, unless I was having symptoms. I don't know what symptoms are but I'm pregnant. They're also supposed to be closely monitoring me for diabetes since my mother had gestational diabetes and I have a family history of diabetes. I was a bit annoyed to say the least.

Anywho, afterwards I headed down to Portland to meet my friend M for lunch. We had a good time and I was thoroughly entertained by her 18 month old J. He's quite the cutie pie. M and I are both long-time vegetarians that have recently started eating meat (though I have eaten fish for a few years now). It was pretty amusing to us and also a relief for me as wifey would've been giving me the evil stare for ordering a turkey panini. LOL. Mary became vegetarian because of me. Seriously, it was all part of impressing me and now she is a vegetarian monster. Anytime I suggest eating meat she flips and thinks I'm crazy for even suggesting such insanity. But whatever, I'm pregnant and neeeeeed protein!

After lunch, we tooled around the mall for a bit and then parted. Being in Portland, I had to stop at Babies R Us on my way home. I got a cute little outfit and some bibs - one that says "I love my mommy" and one that says "my mom rocks". We've decided on "mommy" for me and "mom" for Mary. "Mama" was considered pre-Cameron but since he called his birth mother "mama", we don't want to use it. Though I'm not sure when we're ever going to make the "mom" and "mommy" transition with Cameron but I know I definitely do not want my kids calling me by my first name.

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