Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Random Bits

Mary's mom *Jayne* arrived yesterday. We got the dish on all the family drama - with 6 kids, her mom always has a lot of gossip. To the outsider, Jayne seems like a laidback southern woman but she is total chaos. It's funny. We had fun though and went out to lunch and then to our mall.

Her and Mary are off for a spa day today. I'm jealous but at least I get some time alone. Yes, I was invited but I didn't see that the spa offered pregnancy massage and I can't enjoy the sauna or anything like that. Being pregnant DEFINITELY has it's disadvantages.

There is less than 3 days of C1. He's annoying me because well, that's what he does. I'm making him a scrapbook of his year here. We've done a lot of crap with the boys. Anywho, I figure if it makes him sad or rather lash out (his version of sadness) at least his family will have some sort of timeline and know the things he did. It reminded me that I really wish we had some pics' and stuff from when C2 was a baby. But my attempts at getting some from his bio family failed.

The snow plows are out again today. Will the snow ever stop here? I feel like this winter is never ending with freezing temps' and way too much snow. At least they are FINALLY fixing our garage door. This is the garage door that has been broken since the plow smashed into it the first time they plowed our driveway - back in December.

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