Thursday, March 20, 2008

I am Going to Have a Baby

So I had a midwife appointment this morning. Since there's been such a scheduling issue, I saw a different midwife. I definitely prefer mine. I also prefer my scale at home because the one at the midwife's office adds 4 pounds ;-) I'm telling you, it really does!

Anywho, apparently my file says I plan on breastfeeding. The woman was a bit rough around the edges and was all, so you're going to breastfeed and I said, "Yes, I'm at least going to try". And she's like, "don't say try, say, I am going to breastfeed". Oh geez, I wanted to let her know that my body doesn't always follow my instructions. LOL.

I was also totally freaked out because the nurse mentioned and then she mentioned signing up for labor classes and how I'm nearing the end. Nooooo!!! I am definitely kind of freaking out about entering the third trimester. Of course, I'm excited to FINALLY be having my baby but it's totally scary at the same time.

I feel I haven't even had time to enjoy being pregnant or just basque in the glory of finally being pregnant. I look back at my ovulation calendar and see that I started tracking my cycle in May 2006 and now I'm having a baby in July 2008. Obviously, this wasn't the original plan. Taken, we didn't start trying until August 2006 and then we took some time off when we got the boys and to replenish our bank account but geeez, it's amazing how you picture things one way and they turn out so differently.

Now, I just want Mary to come up with a name for our boy! Of course, there's a few names floating around. It's scary to name a kid and you know what, it's even scarier for Mary to name a kid. I'm just glad she's not trying to name him Mary. She's also freaking out about the middle name because one of the names she likes doesn't flow with the middle name she wants.


Trace said...

Seamus! I don't know if you guys like that name so I'm not insulting your selection, but Sweetness is Irish and wants an Irish name so we always joke about our child being called Sea-mus, or Sea-mus-ita, LOL. In actuality if we have a boy we are going with Sean or Cole.

Candice said...

No, it's not under consideration. My brother's name is Seamus and his son is Seamus Jr. Mary always jokes that "everyone" in my family is named Seamus so we might as well just name the kid Seamus.