Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pregnancy Sucks! ;-)

I've tried not to complain too much on the blog about being pregnant. Afterall, I went through hell getting here and I'm grateful just to be pregnant. I also know that there are many others that are still struggling to achieve pregnancy. But aside from creating a child, pregnancy pretty much sucks!

The baby is growing and so is my belly! It's frightening. Especially since I feel like it's suddenly quadrupled in like a week. I guess that's what people mean about "popping". I definitely feel uncomfortable like my hips are separating from the rest of my body. And I'm not even sure how my lower back is going to make it another four months. Thank goodness for self massage!

Maternity clothes: I felt like before I was pregnant, I would see cute maternity clothes. Well, not anymore. I have one pair of maternity jeans and otherwise I wear sweats. I had a major hassle finding any jeans/pants that were long enough for me. I finally found some at Old Navy a few months ago and well that was it. I've now gone back to several to try to find more but there are none. Everything is capris now. Ummm, we're nowhere near capri time in Maine. I also looked for long sleeve shirts and had a problem with that since everything is short sleeve or sleeveless. There's months of needing to cover your limbs in Maine. Anywho, maternity clothes suck :-)

Sleeping: I am not a "side sleeper", I'm a belly sleeper. Well, even though everything says sleep on your left side, I was pretty much sleeping on my belly until recently. Now, it's just not possible with my pouch. I asked my midwife and she said either side was fine. So I've been attempting to alternate between the left and right. I hate it. I invested in a body pillow that was on the cheap. There's all these pregnancy pillow things but they seem expensive so I don't want to buy one unless it's going to do miracles for my sleeping.

Anywho, I leave with you with some entertaining shots of my expanding self. I am still wondering when my belly button will be an outty and what will come of my tattoo. Of course, when I got it everyone kept saying that's a bad place for a tattoo when you're pregnant. Being the 19 year old care free lesbian that I was, my only response was, "I'm never going to be pregnant!". Oh, how things change.

what will come of the tattoo?

and even though I hate my side profile, you really don't get the effect unless you see the belly from the side


Anonymous said...

M here weighing on the whole belly button question. I was absolutely terrified of the idea of my belly button "popping out". I dreaded it and checked every day. Alas, it was not to be (thank goodness) and never popped. And, considering I gained over 60 lbs while pregnant, I think you may be safe. Good luck!

Candice said...

Hahahaha - I am also terrified of it. I actually had looked it up to see if everyone's popped and it said some do not. I really felt like mine was going to pop a few weeks ago because it felt weird but it hasn't so I might be safe :-)