Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pouty and Pregnant

I think I'm at that point in my pregnancy where I am just thinking I cannot do this and and there is no way I can make it to July 14. I'm hoping this is a normal reaction. It may be my rapid changing body, the heartburn, the acid indigestion, the fatigue, the pains from stretching ligaments or just the major fear of labor. I'm constantly dropping things which apparently is a pregnant thing. I HATE bending over, it's difficult since I no longer have an abdomen to bend and for some reason my legs hurt really bad lately. What's up with that? The thought of going another 3.5 months is beyond me but my body will just do it, right?

And I can see how people can gain much more than the allotted 30 pounds of weight during pregnancy. I am starving!! I've been trying to eat smaller meals and snacks more often but it's really hard to always eat healthy. Plus, resisting certain times to eat is difficult. For example, right before I got to bed, I'm like I could eat a sandwich but I stop myself. If I sleep, I can eat in the morning, food will still be there.

To top things off, Mary started a diet on Monday. Yes, I'm pregnant and Mary's dieting. This is wrong! It's the zone diet - I would say it's good as far as diets go but as the chef of the house I just hate dealing with a diet. It's also very hard to organize low carb veggie meals and she has this huge list of veggies she can't eat and a huge list of stuff I'm supposed to get. So much for my grocery budget. I've done pretty good this week with coordinating meals for her (and me - I'm pregnant and need carbs!) but I can already tell this is going to get old fast. And it's not fair that she can get all fit and skinny while I'm getting huge. Hmph! *pouts*


Lannette said...

Hey there, everything you're feeling is perfectly normal. You're gonna make it. Remember that when Mary is carrying your second child turn around will be fair play. :)

Seriously, I was a zone girl for years and years. I used to do the
"hand method." If Mary would be willing to do this it would make your life much easier.

She divides her plate in quarters. Places a piece of protein the size and thickness of her palm in one quarter, places either a serving of fruit or a starchy vegetable or whole grain half the size of her palm in another quarter. Fills the remaining half of a place with tons of veggies (raw or steamed) a touch of healthy fat and she's zoned.

When I used to eat zoned I'd make a grain, lean chicken or fish, a salad and a steamed vegetable. We would all sit down to eat, we'd just eat different percentages of the various foods.

I also have a load of Zone books if Mary thinks this is something she wants to do long term. I'd be more than happy to pack them up and send them off to her. I'm strictly veggie now.

Lannette said...

OOps the grain or starchy vegetable is half the size of her fist not her palm.

Candice said...

hahaha...I know that Mary is going to be one of those evil pregnant woman that has more energy than normal. LOL.

I know she has a couple of books and did well when she did the diet before. However, that was at a time when I wasn't cooking all her meals. She's been a little bit more flexible with dinner since we eat it as a family. The hardest part is she only eats fish (no other meat) and we do a strict fish diet (certain amount of fish per week and certain types of fish based on low mercury/PCBs and environmentally friendly - I know, we're crazy!)

Anywho, thanks for the hand method recommendation, I will definitely keep that in mind.

Lannette said...

You aren't crazy. Eating fish safely isn't all that easy anymore. It's one of the reasons I don't eat it anymore - too lazy to figure it all out. ;)

After I wrote up that hand thing I realized that it's been long enough that the zone might have actually changed since my zonie days. I had read something about them adding more carbs or something. Oh well. I meant well.