Monday, March 31, 2008


Friday Mary stayed home as planned. It wasn't the love fest I had hoped for but it was still nice to spend time with her sans the kid. Of course we did a million errands and house stuff.

Saturday we all went to a "sugar house". It's maple syrup season around here and apparently there's this thing called Maine Maple Sunday. Well, this year it was on Easter *how dumb* so most places had it on different days. We definitely made way more maple purchases than planned - Mary was the culprit though, not me! I have to gloat in the times that she spends like a drunken sailor since I'm usually the one pinned as the crazy shopper. Oh well, at least there's a little maple package on it's way to Mary's family in Florida. Sunday morning, we had a maple breakfast. Even dieting wifey joined in so she was THRILLED. She was all, this is SO could tell she hadn't eaten real carbs and sugar for a full week. LOL.

Sunday Mary went to see HB. I think that went well, I actually haven't heard much about it. I was relieved to hear that a visit with Cameron won't happen for at least 3 weeks. *phew* Originally, they were thinking as early as next week. Cam's been doing so good and has been so happy that I don't want to mess it up.

Anyways, most of my Sunday was spent doing things pregnant woman probably shouldn't do like trying to break up ice on our driveway and doing paint touch ups. I also did a ridiculous amount of cleaning. Note to anyone looking to buy a stove, do not get a flat burner (name?) one - at least not in white, it is impossible to keep clean.

Mary is crazy! She cleaned the downstairs bathroom (keep in mind, this is where we spend MOST of our time). Taken, we made a major mistake in picking out some seriously light colored tile so all the tile and grout had to be scrubbed to make it look new. But now she won't let us use that bathroom and it has been about 2 weeks. Can you tell that she doesn't normally clean things? I got in trouble last night when I ran in there during Tudors. LOL. So I mentioned banning the use of the stove during the sale of the house. Some how my ban is not being recognized. Hey now!

Anywho, our realtor came by this morning. We had thought about listing it ourselves due to the high fees and we really liked the realtor we used to buy the home but she had moved to a different state. Then last week we randomly get a card from her that she moved back. So she came by today to give us some comps' and discuss our options. We were SHOCKED since she mentioned listing it at about 20K higher than we were thinking. Yikes! There is still some negotiating to do though since she said they don't usually do price cuts but buyer incentives. Ummm, aren't buyer incentives (like closing costs, etc) covered by us and don't effect the Realtors commission? Anyways, we have just been hoping we'll get out with our mortgage paid off, never mind recouping the 12K we've put into the house. She seems to think even with her fee that we could get all our money back. She claims the market isn't that bad around here so I am hoping that she is right. I just want a QUICK sale. Of course, Mary was seeing green when she mentioned the high sale price but I feel like a lower price will get us out quicker. Who knows. We're going to think about it this week and then we'll meet with her again on Friday to go over a price and the terms of her contract.


Lannette said...

The Mr. Clean magic erasers work like a charm on our ceramic top stove, though it's black so maybe they wouldn't work so well for you. I'm not sure they are very ecologically sound but for the short term it might help take the load of constant cleaning off of you.

Candice said...

That's funny, I actually saw those in the store the other day and thought about getting them for the stove. I guess I will have to try them. I wish we got a black top!

Lannette said...

I'm going to be honest with you and tell you that the black top is no great shakes as far as keeping it clean goes. Maybe a bit better than white but still not what you imagine when you see a stove without burners.

Another trick for the bathroom - well if you have minerally well water - is to put full strength distilled vinegar into a spray bottle and lightly mist the shower after the last shower of the day. As long as we do this religiously I can use a Mr. Clean magic eraser and water withou any toxic bathroom cleaner at all and keep the bathtub and shower spotless.

It keeps mold away and although it smells horrible (make Mary do it since your pregnant heh heh) when you spray it within minutes the smell goes away and the bathroom is fresh as a daisy.

Stacey said...

My parents have a blacktop and it's fine. We are really considering one for our house. I hate the coil top stoves for cleaning. :/ Oh well.

I hate light coloured tiles too. Our upstairs bathroom is horrible for keeping it looking clean.

Glad the visit with HB went well.

Trace said...

Maple Fest thing sounds really fun! It sounded like us when we visit wineries...spending way to much money and coming home w/a whole lot of product. We had a flat top stove at our old house and our new house. The one at the old house was black and you could see dust on it. The one at the new house is black and gray...much better! Still not that easy to keep clean, but doable.

Sorry your weekend wasn't the love fest you envisioned, but when is it?