Monday, March 10, 2008

Name Revealed

I've decided to use C2's real name on the blog - Cameron (we usually refer to him as "Camer" or "Cam"). If I see a problem, I'll code his name again or make it invite only which I'd rather NOT do since then nobody can discover my blog. C1 will now be referred to as HB for half-brother. At least this should stop some of the confusion of mixing up C1 and C2 :-)

The weekend was pretty good. Saturday Mary's mom left. It was a nice visit but I was happy to see her leave :-) Oh, mother-in-laws. She's reading this book New Earth by Ekhart Tolle. I had read Power of Now by the same author after some people I knew became pretty obsessed with it. I didn't like it. I guess I just like my Pema Chodron books for pseudo self-help ;-) Anywho, Mary's mom was OBSESSED with the book and wouldn't stop talking about it. Mary and I were laughing because as soon as she left we were both like, "oh my gosh, I didn't think she'd EVER stop talking about THE BOOK." It was pretty funny.

We had a pretty good weekend. We already moved HB's bed out of the room so I think some of the reality of him not coming back to our house has set in. Camer was pretty thrilled since we're now allowing some toys in his room. I mean, we do have a play room so we're not totally evil. Toys just weren't allowed in the bedroom due to their fighting and also needing that space clear of most things for HB's flip outs.

Of course, I'm sure we wouldn't have been so quick to move HB's bed out on day 1 but we're getting ready to sell our house so are trying to have things more presentable. Pretty much the entire weekend was devoted to cleaning things up and just getting rid of A LOT. We also de-personalized since we've heard that's better for selling your house. It is kind of weird since we generally have a lot of family pictures and stuff out. But whatever's going to sell the house, I'll do!


Tracers said...

Yes, that will help. Clean, clean clean! Even the windows. Depersonalize and declutter! We were told to purchase new decorative towels for the bathrooms and folded them the way hotels do. We also make meals in the crock pot so the house smelled homey when people came (plus it was convenient). Oh, get your dogs out of the house when people come. They may have a fear of dogs and that could color their opinion. Good luck!!!

Candice said...

Oh yes, the dogs will be out of the house! Our dogs would definitely tamper any sale. Luckily, Mary's mom agreed to keep snow bird Georgia in Florida until the house is sold.