Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mellow Yellow

Baby likes coffee. It's the weirdest thing. I'm normally not a coffee drinker; I'm a tea (and soy chai latte) drinker. I'll drink coffee on a rare basis but I've never been an everyday coffee drinker. Suddenly, in my pregnancy, I WANT coffee - I NEED coffee. It's so strange. Apparently baby likes coffee and what baby wants, baby gets *of course in decaf or 1/2 decaf* ;-)

So today was a pretty mellow day, it's been a mellow week which is nice. The caseworker made a quick visit this morning to see that Cameron is alive. She STILL confuses HB's and his name. She's like, does the adoptive family have all of Cameron's things? Ummm, no, because Cameron lives here.

Anywho, we went to the "red store" (that's Target or Tar.get in blog world) since I really needed to get some things. We've had some issues going to stores lately so I bribed him with a McDonald's lunch if he was good. Hey, whatever works and it did. McDonald's was pretty painless, Cameron's normally a big eater but lately it's crazy! He had a mixture of cheerios, raisins, and peanuts on the way to Target. Then less than an hour later he scarfed down his happy meal (cheeseburger, apples, and milk) and then ate a bunch of my food. The child cannot stop eating, the days he's home he's constantly asking for "a little snack". Maybe he's in a growth spurt? I can only imagine what it's going to be like when him and the baby are teenagers. Boys eat a lot!

I planned on taking him to an outdoor playground this afternoon since the temp had broke 40 and was sunny. An hour later, it was dark and windy. Oh, New England weather is such a tease. Snow is expected tomorrow. I will not even comment on that. At least Mary's taking the day off tomorrow for me :-) I wanted to have a night out this weekend but between Cameron's separation anxiety and our budget, we decided to use daycare as a babysitter and spend the day together. Of course, Mary will probably have us doing errands and house things but at least it's a day without the little man.


Trace said...

I cut all caffeine and I am soooo tired, but I am sleeping so much better at night. I also heard caffeine can affect the quality of you eggs so I guess it has a double affect.

I can't wait for spring either either. I have some new spring/summer clothes I'm itching to wear.

When is your projected move? Before the fall semester?

Candice said...

I had tried to cut all caffeine during trying to conceive but it made me crazy. I'm always promoting this site - I found that since I usually drink tea it wasn't harsh on the caffeine and most things say that staying under 300 mg is not an issue. Of course, if you're sleeping better, it may just help to cut caffeine all together.

As for the move, hopefully in or by September. It all depends when we sell our house - oy! Oh, and have a baby :-) We can't really move before since our health insurance is in Maine until September.