Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tantrums Suck

I brought Camer to play therapy this morning and it seemed to go well. I think I'm turning over a new leaf with the play therapist...or something like that. Anywho, she's actually given some decent feedback and I haven't wanted to call her a b*tch.

Afterwards we went to the dreaded Toys R Us so Cameron could pick out a toy. My mom had sent him an Easter card with some money. So I figured we would have fun going to the store and picking out something. Of course explaining money to a three year old is not easy but we managed to find something in his price range. Then we walked by the Power Wheels and he wanted to sit in EVERY one. After a few, I said, one more and we're done. He was pissed. After I attempted to pull him off one, he threw a fit and we were out of there. Of course, everyone (I think it's a Mainer thing) stared at us as I was carrying his screaming a** out of the store. So no prize and now he's in for an early nap. I am just glad that his tantrums are usually few and far between and it ended shortly after getting into the car.

Our lil' Irish night went well. I made Irish Soda Bread and came to the conclusion that I officially suck at making bread. Anytime I've tried to make bread, it just doesn't come out how I imagined. Mary said she loved it and Cameron ate a ton but it just wasn't as good as I hoped. Of course, I am the most critical of my cooking. I also made a vegetarian shepherd's pie which was as good as a vegetarian shep's pie can be. But most yummy of all was dessert, bread pudding. Yummy! I had never made this but it was super easy and came out awesome.

I was thinking of doing some cleaning but instead I'm going to feed my pregnant self and watch some DVR'd shows like John and Kate plus 8. They make my life seem much moe enjoyable. After all, I'm dealing with 1 three year old and not 6. Plus, Kate is pretty cute. Mary always gets mad at me when I tell her she should cut her hair like Kate. LOL.


Angele said...
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Stacey said...

Sorry about the tantrum. They are the worst. My sister used to have HORRIBLE ones.

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie? I am coming over for dinner sometime. That's one of my favourite meals and I'm a vegetarian so it'd be awesome. I have a lentil recipe I'd like to try one day but the only way I've had it vegetarian was with the fake ground round. How do you make it?

I like watching Jon and Kate too. I can't imagine their life. I think I'd go mental.

Candice said...

Yeah, I used lentils - I considered using fake ground meat but I didn't think it would hold up well in the pie.

I would definitely go mental if was Kate! Did you know that all those babies resulted from an IUI??? I just assumed it must've been IVF. Obviously, she was on fertility drugs but geeeeez.