Friday, April 4, 2008

Selling a House and Adopting a Kid

Our house is officially on the market. We listed it at about 15K more than we thought we'd list it for but with the comps' in the neighborhood, I think we have a fighting chance at recouping at least some of the money we put into the house. Since we worked with this realtor when we bought the house, she was able to give us a decent deal on her fee. She also works as a team with another woman. She told me I'm the cutest pregnant woman she's ever seen so I love her. LOL. And apparently, we did a good job at getting it ready for showings since when the manager of the office saw the pictures, he thought we had it staged. *fingers crossed for a QUICK sale*

Cameron is home today. He also ran me ragged on Wednesday. He is home with me 2 days/week. Now that we're adopting him, Mary has wanted to pull him out of daycare/pre-school all together. One, because we're now paying for it and two, she just doesn't want him in daycare. We both agree that a lot of the kids are "bad influences" and that he's always a grump after the day there (probably because he refuses to nap at school) but whatever, that's just the way daycare goes.

There is also no part-time program so even though he's only there 3 days/week at the most, we pay for the full thing. But we have absolutely no resources up here especially for day time babysitting so I think it's out of the question to keep him home full time and it's also been difficult keeping up with a 3-year old while I'm pregnant. He was SO much easier when he was 2. Taken, he had some major developmental delays, I do miss the days of him being quiet, cooperative, and lighter!

We were pretty disappointed yesterday to learn that his official adoption probably won't happen until sometime in May - at the earliest! As I think I mentioned before, all the paperwork was ready to go when our lawyer noticed a mistake was made at the state level by listing Cameron's father's name wrong. And with his crazy bio family, we really didn't want to take the risk of legal battles later on so everything was sent back to be corrected. Of course, now this has delayed things about 2 months or so.

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Trace said...

Good luck with the house selling! I found it very very stressful because we had to keep the house pristine which isn't easy when you have a big dog running around (or in your case multiple pets, a 3 year old, and a pregnant self).