Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fingerprints and the HB Rant *that never ends*

Well, we got fingerprinted at the police department. WAY easier than dealing with the county sheriff. No appointment, we just went in and got them done. Of course, we've been warned that they may do them wrong and the officer did seem a little bit clueless. However, at this point, I don't expect for anything in this process to go smoothly anyways.

One of my points of wanting to go to the police department was to go at a time when we didn't have to bring Cameron. Of course, Mary thought differently and decided to do this before his therapy appointment. At least I got out of bringing him to therapy but he was a hyper maniac at the police department and at the end went to hit the police man with my umbrella. Lately, he's just so embarrassing. And doing this entire process while I'm 7 months pregnant is just weird. I can tell, everyone I've come in contact with is like, "what are you thinking?". You tell me! Oy vey.

Anywho, Mary's ultimatum of bringing Cameron to therapy was not a favor for me but because she to talk to the therapist about the HB situation. Oy. I am SO worried about what she is going to start.

Apparently, Mary had a 2nd visit with him a few weeks ago...she recently decided to tell me. I was definitely pissed to be lied to and one of the reasons I dislike HB so much is the mistrust he caused in our relationship. Anywho, apparently he wigged out at school afterwards and was hitting kids and stuff. Hi, welcome to visits. So they wanted to postpone any visits for a while. They were also recently clued into HB's hatred for his brother. HB often role plays with toys and dolls and has been basically murdering all the dolls and toys he refers to as "Cameron".

So they are now talking about having a visit that involved Cameron (and me) at the end of May/early June. Mary mentioned that I probably wouldn't go since I'd be so far along in my pregnancy. The adoptive mother (I like to refer to her as "nut job") response was that she didn't think I should be with held from seeing HB and that everything should be open and honest. Ummm, I don't want to see the kid anyways. The only reason I would go to a visit is to make sure everything went o.k. and that Mary didn't lie to me. Because I know if something goes wrong, Mary will just say, "it went great". Plus, HB had no idea I was pregnant and I was able to easily conceal my belly. Now, I'm large and the entire thing would completely overwhelm the kid's mind and be stressful for me.

Needless to say, my current stance is I don't want Cameron to see him. Since the visits will start close to the baby being born, I don't want to start that. We are working on so many things with Cameron regarding the baby and OUR FAMILY that seeing HB is just going to drudge up bad sibling energy and put Cameron in a bad place.

I want to look out for my family and Mary can do her own thing with fulfilling her desires to see HB. Of course, I'd rather her just let it go all together but she doesn't seem to be willing to do that. When it comes to the HB situation, I seriously dislike my wife. There is no other way to put it. I just hope in the end, she thinks of the affects on me, Cameron, and the baby.

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Stacey said...

I'm so sorry about the situation. It sounds really difficult and I can totally understand how frustrated you must be with your wife. You are trying to focus on Cameron and the upcoming baby. Obviously HB has many, many issues and his hatred for Cameron doesn't really make it comfortable to bring Cameron around. I don't think there would be any real benefit there... I hope your wife can let go at some point.