Thursday, April 24, 2008


I am finally enjoying some rest after a hectic 24 hours. With the warm weather, comes "work horse Mary". This is what me and my mom jokingly call her because we are amazed at her energy level.

Anywho, Mary had this idea to add some shrubbery and stuff to the front; a little curb appeal for potential buyers. It's new construction so we don't have any and last year we only worked on the back yard. Since we weren't planning on selling, we wanted a space that we could enjoy. Dumb move...along with the $8,000 fence but whatever, what's done is done.

So yesterday Mary took the morning off so we could work on it. Of course, I can't dig any of the holes but I pick things out and design. I also decided to volunteer for placing everything and filling in the dirt. I thought this could help out since Mary could only work on things in the morning. However, being a large pregnant woman, this was NOT an easy task and involved the 2 things I hate to do (because they are painful), bending and getting up and down. By 4:00 I was done as in my body was ready to give out.

I feel like I'm at a stage where I'm actually enjoying being pregnant and having my little guy swimmin' in my tummy. But I will definitely be happy to have my body back. It's hard to move in normal ways and my body just seems to give out lately. Non-prego, I could just push through and get things done.

So this morning it was rainy and yucky but Mary was out there yet again to finish the rest of it. She's a trooper. Lucky for me, we were going to have a showing at 1 so I got to stay inside...of course, it involved cleaning. Though the cleaning and staging routine has definitely gotten easier and it didn't seem as painstaking as it has in the past. Mary also helped by doing the vacuuming last night. Luckily, because my back was shot after all my work yesterday.

Am I allowed to put myself on bed rest? Maybe I can get a dr's note that says I can't do anything but sip lemonade and soak in the new sunshine? ;-) Oh well, I am off to rest...that is if I can get out of this chair.

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Stacey said...

Sorry for the exhaustion. I get crazy in the yard and can work for hours and feel the pain afterwards. But it's worth it. I hope the curb appeal helps!