Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend Recap

Pretty boring weekend. Saturday morning Mary and I were both getting our cars serviced. First Mary's so we dropped hers off and then headed out to breakfast. Mary made the mistake of letting him know we'd be going to the restaurant in the morning and according to Cameron, he "loves restaurants". Anywho, I have been sleeping like utter crap (or rather not sleeping) so I fell asleep early in the morning. Then suddenly I was awoken to a little boy telling me that we were going to a restaurant. LOL. I let him know that the restaurant was not open that early.

Post breakfast we picked up Mary's car and dropped off mine for new tires. My car has less than 30K miles but the roads around here SUCK so my tires have taken a major beating. While my tires were being put on, we went shopping and bought some new bedding for our room. I have put so much focus into the rest of the house and even Cameron's room but our room has been neglected to say the least. I thought I'd be more motivated when we bought some new bedroom furniture over the summer but it didn't happen. Anywho, the yucky bedding has been replaced - we ordered our old bedding pretty cheap and from online, it wasn't exactly the equivalent of the pic online. So we have shiny *literally* new bedding :-)

Today I never left the house. In the afternoon, I made Mary bring Camer to the pool. After being with him since Friday, I needed some time ALONE and of course I had house work to do. So even though I was doing stuff the entire time they were gone, it was nice to have a quiet house :-) Oh well, off to watch Big Brother. For the past 2 years, the LAST person that I wanted to win has won and most everyone annoys me on the show but for some reason Mary and I are addicted and can't stop watching.

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