Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Is it only Tuesday? Ha! I think I'm going to need a vacation from my vacation or rather "cation" as Camer calls it. We're staying in a cute little loft apartment but there's quite a bit of noise and LIGHT. Cameron's sleeping has not been regular to say the least. He's been pretty good for the most part but when we tried to take him to a playground this afternoon, he had a melt down. Obviously from his lack of sleep. The first night he was up screaming and crying. I figured it would happen since he was sleeping in a different place but after his short nap yesterday, I thought he would sleep through last night. Nope, he was up crying again and then after he settled down was whining for the rest of the night. He seems to finally fall back asleep in the morning but then since Mary has had to leave early in the morning, she's woken him up with her elephant steps. For a small woman, she walks quite loud.

Anywho, we headed down to Boston on Sunday to go to some open houses. I had this bright idea. It probably wasn't the best way to start our vacation since we left early and were in the car for most of the day. But at least it pretty much confirmed our decision to rent. The houses even about 50K above what we could spend, were small and pits. At least I think when it's time to buy, Mary won't be so obsessed with being right near the university. It's not exactly in the best town but it's close enough to Boston to make the housing prices ridiculously high. Also, since Cameron will start school in the next 2 years, school districts need to be considered.

After our open house adventure, we headed back to Maine - at least just to southern Maine so the ride back wasn't bad. We're staying at a loft style apartment that these older people rent out. They were very cute and left Cameron out all these toys so he's been pretty entertained with those. Of course, I packed toys but kids are always thrilled to have different things to play with. Yesterday, we just hung out around town, went grocery shopping, and to a playground. Mary said she'd probably be back around 3. I was pretty happy about that since that's when Cameron *usually* wakes up from his nap. Well, Cameron hardly napped and then Mary wasn't home until almost 6. At least she had enough energy to take us out to dinner. As a growing pregnant woman, that was obviously my highlight of the day :-)

Today, Camer and I went to Chuck E. Cheese. We had fun there and played about a million games. I have to laugh because some games that we were playing against each other, he wins with no effort. He doesn't even know what he's doing but some how he still manages to win just by randomly pushing buttons and doing crazy stuff. I was also hysterically laughing when I had him do one of the driving games. I just press the gas and let him drive all crazy. Well, he was scoring points left and right and kept getting extra time. Oh well, it was fun and I definitely enjoy the kid places that I can play at too. I wanted to do some shopping in that area too but I decided against it. Since he did so well at Chuck E. Cheese, sometimes it's better to call it a day then risk a melt down. Mary was home around 4:30 so that's when we attempted to bring him to the playground. That didn't go so well. He's in bed early so I have hope that he'll fall asleep by 8 (his usual time). Little kids on lack of sleep are a bad thing and a pregnant mommy Candice on lack of sleep is a bad thing too. Hopefully BOTH of us will get some good sleep tonight! I miss my kitties, my doggy, and my tempeupedic bed.

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