Friday, April 4, 2008

A Showing! Yikes!

Lordie, I agree with Trace, the process of selling the house is quite stressful. Keeping the house clean and essentially perfect is definitely difficult between the menagerie of animals and the kid.

So we already had one showing today. Apparently, when our agents got back to their office, they found out another agent has a client that's looking for a house on OUR STREET. So weird. Anywho, at first they set it up for tomorrow at 12. I got totally freaked out that we were going to have a showing and so soon and I got even MORE freaked out when Mary called me back at 2:00 to let me know they wanted to have the showing at 4:00. Of course, we could've said no but I want to be as flexible as possible since we want to sell. Luckily, the kid was in his nap so it was me going in high speed to get things cleaned and ready. Then, once he got up, getting his room in order and all of us (kid, dog, and me) out the door. *phew*

I think I've decided that Emma also needs to go during showings. She's a friendly cat but TOO friendly unless you love cats which I do and even then, she's a bit much. And when I got back, some stuff was moved on the kitchen table. Miss Violet and BoBo were hiding under the bed so I know Emma was the culprit.

Oh well, hopefully these last minute showings don't become a regular thing or maybe we'll already get an offer...wishful thinking!


Lannette said...

Fast interested is a good sign. It sounds like you did a good job at getting the house ready for the market.

I feel for you with the constant cleaning and rushing around to get out of the house quickly, especially with a small child and pets.


Lannette said...

Sorry about the typos every time I leave comments. I'm hurrying and scurrying these days and am not a great typist and as far as I can see there isn't a way to edit the boo boos.


Trace said...

Wooohoo! A showing right away!