Friday, April 25, 2008

MUCH needed Relaxation

My day started off kind of rocky or rather shaky. I had my gestational diabetes test. I was fearing the not being able to eat part since I'm starving as soon as I wake up. But it actually wasn't that bad and I made it through. The orange drink is also totally exaggerated by people. I mean, I don't normally drink orange soda (or much soda for that matter) never mind at 7 a.m. but it was no big deal and hopefully I don't have gestational diabetes.

Then, I was off to eat *obviously* and meet up with Mary since we were headed to a spa in Augusta. Sweet! She surprised me the night before by letting me know she had booked us massages. I have been dying for a massage so I was thrilled. It was also nice that she understood that my body needed it. In doing all this yard work and house work, I've felt she hasn't understood that it's taken it's toll on my body in a different way than hers. Anywho, she definitely scored big wifey points in booking us massages.

My massage was great. Ever since I went to massage school, getting a massage has been difficult since I tend to want to guide the massage and am rather critical. But my pregnant body has needed any sort of massage lately so it was wonderful and relaxing. I just wanted to take a nap afterwards. And it was definitely nice to receive since I plan on doing pregnancy massage training at some point.

So it turned out to be a lovely and pretty relaxing day. :-)

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