Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ba-Bye Sunny Southern Maine

Baby's Ready for the Beach - Ogunquit, Maine

Cameron's Favorite *because it has a playground* - Mother's Beach in Kennebunkport, Maine

Mary's Least Favorite *but she does enjoy the fried food stands* ;-) - Old Orchard Beach, Maine

We had a nice time overall with the exception of Cameron being 3 and not sleeping until the last 2 nights - oy! But the weather was great especially for this time of year. 50s to 60s and sunny - yay! Spring has finally reached Maine. It was so nice being by the coast and going by the beach nearly every day. Of course, I'm not a hardcore Mainer and don't sport a bikini in 50 degree windy beach weather - yes, there were actually people in bathing suits and bikinis. Crazy! But still, I enjoyed walking along the beach fully dressed :-)

My highlights were seeing my friend M on Thursday. Mary had meetings in Boston so she dropped Camer and I off there. Camer of course had a shy freak out when we first got there. His shyness used to be cute but as he's gotten older it's just gotten very weird. The crying like an infant and screaming "no!" that comes along with it also isn't very cute. Anywho, at least her child had a melt down since he was petrified of the Rainforest Cafe. He is only 1 so I was kind of relieved that it was him that was scared and not Cameron. Oh, children, so unpredictable.

The other things I most enjoyed were my times alone. Is that terrible? I got to escape twice to do a little bit of shopping. Mary had Camer during one of his naps (or lack of a nap) and today on our way back, we stopped in Freeport, home of the massive L.L. Bean outlet - it's like an L.L. Bean compound, it's crazy. Anywho, Mary really wanted to go since she likes L.L. Bean and has had a gift certificate since Christmas.

I felt bad because she ended up leaving before we even got in the store because Cameron threw some weird tantrum in the parking lot. So weird. Since I had my own car, I opted to do some of the other outlets in downtown Freeport. Candice + outlet shopping = heart. I got some major deals at the GAP on maternity clothes. Maternity clothes for the warmer months are definitely way cuter than my current sweaters and sweat pants.

Along with some new clothes, I also seem to have a major cold and laryngitis from the trip. My allergies have been super bad so that may be it combined with a lack of sleep this week. I'm definitely looking forward to my "day off" tomorrow. I will very happily wave goodbye as Mary and Cameron leave for work and daycare :-) I know, probably selfish but girl needs her rest and ALONE time.

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Stacey said...

Nothing wrong with a little alone time. :) Great pictures. I want to go to the beach! We have a big beach here with our huge Lake Ontario but I never seem to get down there.

Kids are so unpredictable. I hate going to restaurants with Riley right now because she never wants to sit still. :P