Monday, April 21, 2008

3rd Trimester - WHAT?!?!

I'm in the THIRD TRIMESTER - aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Yes, I'm freaking out that baby will be here relatively soon. At the same time, I'm really excited to see my baby boy and enjoy some alcohol ;-) Of course, our lives are a mess right now with trying to get Cameron's adoption squared away and selling our house. Oh, I think back to when we first started trying to have a baby and it was the PERFECT time for it. If only my body cooperated.

Back to baby stuff. While we were in southern Maine, we went to Babies R Us. I figured just to browse, we don't have one up here so we always go just to look. Well, Mary gave in and let me purchase the bedding ensemble that I've wanted. She's not a fan of it but I LOVE it. Especially since I wanted to do a sailboat theme but wasn't finding any set that I liked.

Anywho, I was definitely happy that she let me have my way on this. I was surprised she was adimantly against it since I usually just do the decorating and she likes everything I pick. We've also come to the conclusion that we're not having a baby shower so buying everything is on us. We're hoping our parents will help us with some major items but we're used to doing things on our own at this point. Afterall, when you get 2 foster kids, nobody throws you a shower. And since all our family live far away, a shower just isn't really possible.

We will however have the best dressed baby since I have gone a little bit crazy on little blue outfits. LOL. Mary tried to put a monitorium on my baby clothes purchases to which I did not go for. However, I haven't bought anything in quite some time. But over my recent shopping extravaganzas, I went a wee bit crazy. It's also bad because I always feel the need to get Cameron stuff when I get the baby stuff even though Cameron doesn't necessarily need any clothes. I guess there's some fear of favoring the baby over him. But whatever, now I'm enforcing a monitorium on MYSELF. :-)

We also realized that all the major items we bought were bedding which a baby can't actually use right away because of the SIDS risk and we don't plan on having a crib right away. We figure we'll have the baby in our room but we've been going back and forth with a bassinet, pack and play that has a bassinet, or one of those sleep in the bed things. Mary's all into the sleep in the bed thing. I worry I'll never be comfy to actually sleep with the baby in the bed and as it is, our bed just barely fits us. Hmmm...has anybody tried one of these? Obviously it's the cheapest and takes up the least amount of room. I don't know, we fear being those new parents that have all the baby stuff taking over the house and not really needing 1/2 of it. I definitely don't want to be so wasteful.


Trace said...

The bedding beautiful. Sleeping in the bed. This is just my personal opinion so don't take it personally. Wouldn't you be afraid you'd roll over onto the baby while your sleeping? And when the baby is older will it be difficult to move him into a crib in the other room? Plus, what about your sex life. Would you really want to be intimate in front of the baby? I know I'm not even comfortable in front of the dog.

Wow, I can't believe you're in the 3rd trimester. It seems like you just got pregnant.

Candice said...

hahaha...not offended, these are the same things I think when I hear of people having the kids sleep in their room.

We're not planning on having him sleep in our room for very long. I figure the baby will be up a lot anyways in the beginning and since we'll probably be moving shortly after he's born, we don't want to set up a crib here. But we're definitely not the kid in the room until he's 5 kind of people. Talk about lesbian bed death. LOL.

And yes, I'm worried about rolling over on him which is why I'm leaning towards having a bassinet for a while. Especially Mary, she is totally unconscious when she sleeps. She rolls over on me! Never mind a baby!

Anonymous said...

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Stacey said...

We also went crazy on baby clothes. Still do. Their outfits are hard to resist. Riley dresses way better than we do. ;)

We did the sleep-in-the-bed cosleeper thingy. It worked well except when Angele had too many pillows in the beginning and had a pillow on her!!! LOL. But after the pillows were banished, we did fine and it was really easy to sleep that way.

You don't roll over if you have that thing because it has walls. And really, you are really intune to the baby as well so I don't think it would happen. We moved Riley to her crib at 2 months and it was easy.

You probably aren't going to be intimate the first while anyway. Talk about being EXHAUSTED. Who wants to have sex when you're so tired all the time. Hehehe.

We too bought bedding and think it's a waste because we can't use it. :( But we do use the bumper pads now so at least that's something.