Friday, April 11, 2008

The Dreaded House and a Hyper Baby

Oy. I'm exhausted. I spent much of the day running around doing errands and then yet again doing things that pregnant woman probably shouldn't be doing. I had to re-paint one of our outside doors. It was super dirty after the winter, mostly from Chloe jumping on it, and then Mary decided to clean it with bleach.

Over the summer, we had the brilliant idea to paint our outside doors red. Well, initially I thought we were just painting the front door and then Mary took it a step further and decided to paint both our back doors too. I do like the red but it was a nightmare to paint and also a nightmare to re-paint and touch up. I also had to paint parts of our foundation that had some black stuff on it. This was not a fun task and I'm not sure it looks any better.

After starting some laundry, I was about to lay down around 4:30 when Mary calls to tell me there's a showing tomorrow morning. The house definitely needs to be scrubbed down. Oh well, at least Mary's taking me out to lunch tomorrow as my payment *she just doesn't know it yet* for being such a diligent house wife :-) Fingers crossed that the showing goes well and we get an offer. It's only the 2nd showing and already I feel done with this process.

And at least I know my physical labor hasn't effected baby boy since he continues to kick and kick and kick. He's quite active and I don't think he's stopped moving in the past 3 days. I hope this is not a sign of his future hyperactivity...but then again, what little boy isn't hyperactive.


Lannette said...

Thanks for mentioning that about red doors. I've been comtemplating painting our front and side doors red. Maybe I'll rethink that.

It sounds like you're growing a little athlete there. My Nate, (the cervical break dancer) was always and is now quite athletic and he was super active in utero.

Beau on the other hand was all into smooth fluid movements and turns - more like a dancer or swimmer. When I'd put on classical music he'd also settle right down like he was listening. To this day he's very artistic and pensive.

It's so amazing how you get to know your little one before they make their entrance into the world. Hope you're having the same beautiful day we are.

Hang in there with the house showings and have a great lunch. I'll be sending you "sell the house quickly and for a bundle" vibes.

Candice said...

I hope he is an athlete! I do have dreams of one boy playing for the Sox and one for the Pats' *wishful thinking of course*

Red is definitely a difficult color to paint and maintain but I must admit, they do look good. If you do it, make sure you pick your red wisely. Someone else in our neighborhood attempted it and it looks more pink/magenta - I'm sure it's NOT the look they were trying to achieve.

And on a side note, Beau is on our list of potential names.

Lannette said...

That's wild that Beau is on your list of names. The minute our Beau was born there was no doubt what his name would be even though we had a list.

Candice said...

That's cute. Mary decides on the final name but we've both agreed not to name him until he's born. I'm hoping to have no doubt and have a name just fit him.