Monday, April 28, 2008

Still Tired

It seemed like a really long weekend. Friday we had fun getting massages but beforehand I had my diabetes test and afterwards, Mary had us at Home Depot to pick up stuff to make a walkway. Then we picked up Cameron and headed home. So much for soaking in the relaxation of my massage.

Friday night, I was up constantly. I've been sleeping like crap but had finally gotten into a good sleep when Cameron woke up screaming. Not exactly crying, just screaming, "I want water". His new thing is "I want" which I HATE. So after explaining to him that we don't say "I want" never mind scream it while everyone is sleeping, I got his water. He had one of his usual coughs but I was ready to throttle the kid. That was the beginning of yet another sleepless coughing Cameron night.

So Saturday I was completely exhausted but Mary had planned on building a walkway so I was stuck watching the kid. Of course, he had plenty of energy but was being a grump obviously from being sick or whatever. He is always sick so I don't know what to call it and lately he's usually grumpy. I'm not sure if it's just him being 3, his genetics kicking in, or a result from the recent changes. Needless to say, I don't like it.

Saturday night I did his nebulizer right before he went to bed which seemed to work. I decided to go to bed after I put him down. You would think going to bed at 7:30 would help my extreme tiredness. Even though it took me forever to fall asleep, I was happy to be laying down but then I was wide awake at midnight. I thought, it's probably around 4 so maybe I'll just stay up and then I checked a clock: midnight. Oy. So the rest of my night was spent trying to force myself to sleep. Oh, the joys of pregnancy insomnia or just the result of our overly stressful lives.

Sunday was a slightly better day. It was rainy and dark which I enjoy for one reason, Cameron sleeps longer. He didn't wake up until around 8 which was glorious and he was happy and smiley when he did wake up. Mary made waffles in the morning. I hate the mess she makes when she uses the waffle maker but they sure are yummy. Yes, my only highlights in life lately are revolved around food. LOL. In the afternoon, we took Cameron to the pool. I don't have a maternity bathing suit so I just sat on the side. Then we decided to take him to McDonald's. That was all fun until we went to leave and he threw a fit. Of course, we got the stare down from the other patrons when we had to rip him off the slide after he turned to run up it when he realized we'd be leaving. Oh, the joys of parenting.

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Anonymous said...

Are you guys installing a walkway to help w/curb appeal? WOW! Impressive. Although, when we sold our house we installed all new carpets upstairs in the main areas.