Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Life with a Leprechaun

C1's adoptive family picked him up today - well, the dad did. They originally tried to call in sick to parenting. Sorry, that's not something you can do. The mom said she caught whatever sickness C1 had and was out of commission all week. I was surprised since C1 just had a nasty cold, maybe she got something else. Anywho, he'll be with them until Monday.

I had C2 home with me today. I feel exhausted. We attempted to go see Alvin and The Chipmunks but some how I got the time wrong - I believe this is due to what I'm calling pregnancy brain. Basically, when you're pregnant you become slow in the brain. My life is a mess of post-its and random lists. Anywho, being about 40 minutes early for a movie with a 3-yr old is not possible. So instead we rented a movie and made popcorn at home. I knew that popcorn was the only real thing he was excited about anyways. LOL. We also went to "the red store" for some new rain boots. He's obsessed with hats so he picked out an Irish one for St. Patty's. Of course, this is how he walked around for the rest of the day.

Kids are crazy. I've learned not to argue so he was allowed to wear his crazy hat into Blockbuster.

We're taking a mini-vacation this weekend starting late tomorrow until Monday. I had planned on doing all these things around the house this weekend (or rather having Mary do all these things around the house this weekend :-)) But I definitely jumped on the opportunity to go away for the weekend and not have to cook and clean :-) It will be our first little trip with just the 3 of us. We're staying at a resort on the coast. We could never afford this place in peak season and it will be nice to have some time with C2. I've been trying to be very conscious about spending a lot of time with him to ease all the changes that are going to happen soon.

I attempted to explain some things to him about how C1 will be living somewhere else. I told him that we would still visit him but he wouldn't live with us. His only response was, "I want to visit Nana Patty". C2 isn't the sharpest tool in the shed to begin with and I think this is something that would be hard for any 3-yr old to understand. So I think at this point, he won't understand until C1 has actually moved out and is gone for a while.

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Lannette said...

What a cute picture! It must have something to do with being 3. My youngest son wore a cowboy hat and cowboy boots with shorts the entire summer he was 3. Gotta love 'em.