Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sleeeepy Woman

We went down to Portland today to break the winter monotony. The original plan was to go to the Children's Museum AND Chuck E. Cheese. However, I let Mary sleep in so we got off to a late start. So we opted for Chuck E. Cheese since they have food which as usual the kids were "neeeeeding food". It was a bit chaotic and we have a million tokens left since we finally decided it was way too crowded. But it was fun to do something different. We also tooled around the mall there.

I had to laugh at Mary because I have been saying all winter that we should go down to Portland. She ALWAYS says no, that it's crazy to drive down there (afterall it is about 2.5 hours each way). Then yesterday, she's all "let's go to Portland tomorrow." What? Who is this woman? Anywho, as we're driving she's like, "I can't believe I'm so stir crazy in the winter that I'm driving down to Portland". hehehe...I won ;-)

We had a fun day but I am exhausted. My prego a** didn't get a nap - hmph! I'm so pathetic. I actually fell asleep on the couch when we got home and some how in the midst of C1 and C2 chaos. And it was nice of Mary to tell me that she was going upstairs (ummm, no she didn't) because all of a sudden I was awoken to C1 and C2 killing each other. I think why is Mary not saying anything? Umm, she's not here. Oh, lovely.

They also had this major argument when we stopped to get a coffee in the mall (for Mary: not me or the kids obviously) ;-) I just had to laugh because they were screaming at each other and recently C2 uses some big man voice when he argues with C1. It's pretty funny. Anywho, I lauged and pretended not to know them. Afterall, I was already pretending not to know C1 since he got stickers at Chuck E. Cheese and decided to put all 20 of them on his face.

And baby was moving around A LOT today. Weird because usually she moves around at night. Apparently, baby likes Chuck E. Cheese. She also started when I was telling Mary that I was thinking the baby is a boy lately. I had previously thought girl and I still refer to the baby as a she just because it's easier until I know. Anyways, once I said, I think it's definitely a boy, it gave a punch. So I'm not sure if that was a "hell yeah, I'm a dude" or "hey, I'm a girl, don't be callin me a boy". Apparently, my baby talks all ghetto ;-)

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