Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ultrasound TOMORROW *eeeeeks*

C2 has been so cute and smiley since we got home. He keeps saying "I am so happy that you guys are home". He's such a sweet pea. Me and my mom took him to the pool today. Mary was getting C1 and then they had a few hours in the house until we got home. This was in hopes of creating a smoother transition. Of course, C1 was whiney and combative when we got home but so far we've avoided any major flip outs.

It sounds like the adoptive family did well with him. They were definitely overwhelmed but I don't think it's anything for me to worry about. He also came down with a cold there. Welcome to parenting a young child, they're always sick! Lucky for them, C1 has a pretty good immune system and even when he gets sick he's better in a few days. As in most everything, he is opposite of C2 who is sick most of the time and doesn't get over illness quickly.

He will most likely go with them from Thurs-Mon this week and supposively they're going to pick him up from school on Thurs and drop him off at school on Mon. That definitely makes things easier for us. I'm definitley glad I got the transition time reduced because it's a lot of driving since they live almost 4 hours away.

Plus, from my chat with them last week they were also glad to do a shorter transition. I don't think they're into the idea of sharing him with somebody else. They have been trying to have a child for 11 years so they are definitely eager to be parents and not share that duty with anyone. I'm so glad this family was found because I think it's going to be totally perfect for C1.

In other news, tomorrow afternoon is my ultrasound - yay!!!! I can NOT wait to find out if it's a boy or girl. :-)

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