Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's a Yogi *boy*!

I should've known since it's been 28 years since a girl was born in my family but I was still holding out hope. But it's definitely a boy! I'm excited to know. Even though I was definitely hoping for a girl, I'll definitely be happy with a healthy baby boy. He was measuring just right with a good heart beat and all, that's what I was most looking to hear from the ultrasound. And Mary was wishing for a boy so she is thrilled especially since she also gets naming rights to a boy.

Here he is, penis and all ;-)

my boy!

he is well endowed - ha!

He kept putting his hand by his face which I thought was adorable!

The 4-D is definitely freaky

Well, apparently blue is my signature color...I've always said pink. ;-) I'm off to bring my mom to the airport and go to Babies R Us to purchase lots of blue things for my baby boy :-)


Tracers said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know you'll feel VERY confident w/all those little boy parts. C1 will have a brother!! Is he thrilled? Or does he just think you're a tubbo?

Candice said...

Thanks! I think C2 will make a great big brother and I hope this boy is as sweet as him.

He has no idea I'm pregnant since we've been waiting until C1 is out of the house to share that. I'm not visibly showing where he'd wonder. He has a pretty big belly and I joked with him last week and said, "is there a baby in your belly?". He said, "sponge bob is in my belly". LOL.

Lannette said...

Congratulations from me too! OK this is too funny. I looked at the picture you posted where the baby has his arm over his face and thought that the little guy's arm was a penis. I immediately thought, "Whoa the little guy really is well hung!" then realized it was his arm and head I was looking at. So now you know why I don't work in an X-ray department. BWA HAAAA HAHAHA!

Candice said...


R and J said...

YEAH!!! Clearly you are just a good mommy to boys :) That's wonderful to hear! I can't wait to see all the new pics of him once he comes out!! Halfway there now!! Congrats to you!!