Thursday, February 7, 2008

Changing a Name

We've been in this debate on whether or not to change C2's first name (obviously, we'll change his last name to ours). And if we change it, whether to actually call him by that. When we originally got the boys, we thought we'd definitely change their names if we adopted them. Aside from their names both starting with C, they're those trendy names that everyone in town seems to have. I also don't like the fact that C2's name is a unisex name and it just sounds more like a girl name to me.

Then it became very clear that C1 was very attached to his name so that would not be a possibility with him. Now, we don't even have to think about that. C2 didn't talk at the time nor respond to his name. For a while, when he first started talking and he was my cling on he thought his name was my name. He'd point to himself and say "I Cannee" and then point to me and say "You Cannee". However, now, he's come to realize his name is C2. Though I don't think he's super attached to the name, how do we really know and is it just cruel to change his name along with so many other things in his life.

Mary thinks we should definitely change his first name and keep C2 as a middle name. I somewhat agree for privacy and legal reasons. She thinks if he's not open to the name change, we'll still refer to him as C2. However, then it seems weird for someone to have a first name they're not called by. I mean, I know some people go by their middle names but it's just strange to me.

I mentioned that maybe we could come up with 2 or 3 names we like and have C2 pick out of those. He's pretty indecisive on everything and he's so young that we decided that probably wouldn't be a good idea. Plus, he'd probably demand the name Superman.

I had also come up with a name that wasn't a huge difference from C2 that I thought could be an easy change. However, I wouldn't want C2 to be the middle name since it's so similar and just wouldn't flow so we'd be changing his entire name. We also have no time to test the waters since we are filling out the adoption papers and have to fill out the line - "new name". Oy, there is too much to think about with a child's psyche in our hands.


Tracers said...

That's a tough call. It's a link to his bio family. If it was me I don't think I would.

Did you find out the sex of your baby yet?

Candice said...

Yeah, most people change at least part of the name for symbolic and legal reasons. It's a tough thing - he's already 3 so it seems weird to change his name and call him something else. Just another complication to foster to adopt.