Monday, February 18, 2008

Back to Mass

I'm not sure I've even mentioned this on the blog since I'm too busy venting about C1. But it's official - we're moving back to Mass. Mary got an offer and after some negotiations, accepted the position with the university in the Boston area. We'll most likely move sometime in August after the baby is born. So we'll adopt a kid, have a baby, sell our house, and move to a different state all in the next 5 months. Sounds like a recipe for some anxiety. Oh boy, we are crazy, BUT I am SUPER happy to be leaving. Especially with having 2 kids, I think it's necessary to be around good friends & family. The only thing keeping me here was the cost of living and our house. Hopefully we'll be able to find a balance since Mary will be getting a higher salary, I'll have more opportunity to make money, and well, it's just a better quality of life not to mention we'll be married again :-) Yay!!!!


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Stacey said...

congrats! sounds like it will be perfect for your family. Wow, what a crazy time this will be with all that is going on!!!

Candice said...

we are CRAZY but I think all will be good in the end :-)