Friday, February 8, 2008

The Coughing Child

Yesterday was C1's birthday. I have never seen anybody so thrilled to have their birthday. C1 is all about C1 so it was the perfect day for him. I had busted my but yesterday since I didn't have time during the week since I've had C2 home. But it was rewarding since C1 was so happy and thrilled with even the small gifts and of course his cake. I always see those things at craft stores about cake decorating classes and I'm like, "who goes to those?". Well, apparently moms. You're expected to make your kid's birthday cakes. I was decently impressed with the one I made for C1's birthday cake - hey, it was my 3rd cake making experience in less than 1.5 months - I still suck at icing a cake but whatever I'm not a typical mom ;-) It's supposed to be a train (as requested).

Anywho, I am SO glad to have the birthdays over with. Mine is next, I'm sure nobody will do anything for me *self pity*. Mary commented that we'll be in D.C. but we were in Boston for hers and I still made a cake and we had a party (I use this word loosely) a few days later.

With C1's birthday yesterday, I decided to send C2 to school. I had so much to do and C2 was all hyper in the morning so I thought he was fit to go to school. The temperatures were very low so I thought there was no possibility of him going outside. But of course, they went outside. When the teacher called to see if I wanted to come get him, she was all, "I'm not sure the cold is good for his lungs". Ummm, no, it's 0 degrees...I have normal lung function and I was having trouble breathing just walking from the car to the store...hello?? I'm convinced that they're trying to get all the kids sick so nobody comes in.

Anywho, he was up again last night with his cough. He's been up pretty much all week and this happens pretty often. I'm pretty much at the end of my exhaustion rope this week and I started thinking, oh my, in 5 months we're going to have a baby that's up all night. So I had a mini break down and said I was keeping him home from school for the rest of the winter. I'm not sure I really want to do that but of course Mary was all, that's a good idea. She's been basically begging me to keep him home now that we're adopting him. I had said I'd consider but I wanted him in some sort of pre-school once the baby arrives. I've definitely come the realization that I'm just not a super mom. In fact, I'd probably be better off with one kid that I can focus on. Though I married a recovering Mormon who some how thinks she needs to have a million kids. Pardon the randomness.

Needless to say, I've never had an infant but I here horror stories so I'm not sure I can handle a 3 year old and an infant. C2 is pretty good as far as kids go but he still requires attention and needs to do activities. I also think pre-school is a good thing for him to socialize with other kids as he can be very shy and clingy. We also have ZERO resources here especially for during the day so we need some sort of "baby sitting". I am still freaking out about what we are going to do with him when I go into labor. And no, he is not coming with.


Tracers said...

If it makes you feel any better we know we're only having one child (no matter what way he/she comes into our life). Neither of us are high energy people and my husband is afraid of not having enough money to raise the child, send to college, etc.

I think once you hold you baby it will be different from C2. I'm not saying you'll love one child more than the other, but the two situations are totally different.

Your cake turned out awesome!! I don't think I would be able to make that. I would probably get one from the supermarket, or make a chocolate chip cookie cake. And no, you're not the typical 'mom', but you'll (& Mary) be an awesome mom to both children.

Candice said...

Mary has this fantasy that all the kids will go to the university she's at *free tuition*. ha!

Thanks! And good idea on the choc chip cookie cake, maybe I'll make one of those for mine :-)

Stacey said...

that cake is awesome! great job!