Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sperm Donor Daddy

From a couple of other blogs, I heard about a show Oprah was doing on sperm donor conceived children so I DVR'd it (I heart DVR). Anywho, I would not have known about it because I don't watch Oprah. And after watching Oprah, I remembered why I don't watch Oprah - it's just so straight. I know, she has this weird thing going on with her friend Gale (hahaha) and I'm not usually one to judge, I love the straights. But come on, she didn't even touch on lesbians using sperm banks...I guess why open that can of worms? She also just seemed dumb and totally clueless in regards to donor insemination. I was thinking, don't they brief her before the show. But it was entertaining if not a little weird and awkward.

And it definitely made us think, ummm, maybe we should have used a known donor. But what's done is done, I'm sure our child (if they wish) will be able to connect with some half-siblings. It was just sad to see some of children grown and seemingly bitter. No offense to single women having children - I think that's great to make the conscious decision to have a child and use a donor. However, I felt most of the kids had issues because they grew up with a single parent and as an only child and to top it all off their "dad" was a sperm donor. Who knows, maybe I think that to make me feel better. It was just sad and I hope it wasn't a very good example of sperm donor conceived children.


Parasol said...

I know what you mean about Oprah... I just hate when she plays dumb. It also bugs me when she says women in the US have it better than they do anywhere else. Really? Then why did my partner and I have to move to Canada to have our relationship legal and recognized? Do women in the US really have it better than Scandinavian women? I think not.

I would have liked to have seen this episode to see what she had to say about the topic. It sounds rather troubling actually! I hope our baby growing up with two moms doesn't resent us for it... though I suppose children always resent their parents for something. Right?

Tracers said...

I haven't watched it yet, but I did set our DVR. I did read the written summary on her website, and it sounded like a lot of families that were dysfunctional, or didn't tell their children until they were older (in the 20's!!). I noticed they didn't have any lesbian families, nor did they have any typical heteosexual families (like me) either. The well adjusted family does not have good ratings, LOL.

Your child will not resent you because you used a donor. You are not keeping it a secret (hee hee), and I know you guys will love and support your child unconditionally.

Candice said...

It was definitely strange and a bad representation of people that utilize donor sperm.

Shannon said...

Hi there, found you through Stacey and Angele (I think).

It was a terrible show and I've ranted on my blog about it too.

I loved what Tracers said above: The well adjusted family does not have good ratings, LOL. That's probably the truth in a nutshell.

Stacey said...

It was a horrible show and poorly done. Don't let it affect your thinking at all because I feel like those kids were missing something other than donor info. They seemed to have issues beyond that!